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A Romantic Evening in the River City

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After winter and flash floods it was a perfect evening to go out and take some pics. The sunset tonight was a great backdrop for these shots.

Around 19th and St. Mary's.

From on top of the Redick Hotel

The Greenhouse. Quite possibly one of my favorite buildings to photograph.

Skyline from the 10th St. Bridge

The Gene Leahy Mall

The Landmark Center and Orpheum Tower looming over the Mall.
Hopefully I will start working in the Landmark Center if my interview next week goes well.
The view is great from up there.

Sensual Sky

The Heartland of America Park.

The Park Fountain. One of the highest shooting fountains in the world at 300'.

The Fountain changes many colors but with the exposure setting they all just ended up looking white.

In the summer, boats go out on the lagoon. One is a big tour boat.
The other is a Venice type gondola for couples.

On Farnam in front of the Greenhouse

On Farnam with the Burlington building foreground.

Arch in the Mall. The Old Market is visible in the archway.

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GREAT photos! I really enjoyed seeing them! You have quite a talent, DTO luv!!
Thanks guys. If you're a photographer and you live in a winter city, spring is your Christmas. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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