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A short Tallinn photo story from a few days ago

1. At the arrival I decided to try TESLA taxi.
Never been in TESLA before. Excited.

2. Then an evening walk around high-rise district.

3. Before a concert related to Estonian 100 y anniversary a few photos close to NORDEA concert hall.

4. Felt pretty proud that there are some Latvian businesses in Tallinn. For example LIDO.

5. Then a beautiful performance. Don't know what the children choirs sang about, but it was gorgeous and sometimes I got goosebumps.

6. Next day - to the Old Town. Ten times more exciting than Old Riga.
a) It is million times more busy compared to Riga Old Town.

b) They kept the ancient walls and towers (they were deliberately brought down in Riga more than century ago to make Riga "modern" :D :bash:, I think I'll explode from anger)

c) Old Town actually has some old feel to it

d) It has charming markets, shops and coffee shops

e) It has several viewing platforms with breathtaking views even in a total fog

f) And finally it exits through amazing gates right into the hart of the modern Tallinn

7. Then I noticed that Tallinn is using much more than Riga the cold hardy broad leaf evergreens to make it look alive and warm even during long, snowy and cold winter.

8. Tallinn uses effectively underground space for shopping, parking, bus stations. Riga has nothing to offer in regards to a infrastructure built underground. Since 6-7 months of the year are cold, this is a great way of making a city cozy in winter months. Here is an entrance to one of the underground blocks.

9. And right next to all the shopping areas there is a good public transport network which, if you didn't know, is f-yeah FREE... for the residents.


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Interesting analysis and photos!

I would add that Tallinn Old Town has much better preserved overall medieval street architecture, while Riga's Old Town is huge mixture of different styles and centuries, so there's much more eclectic and a bit chaotic feeling. Only Alksnāja street, Jāņa sēta and few other fragmented places looks consistent/old/medieval.
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