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in some parts the girth is quite spansive. river north is also helping fill in the bonny north side of dpwntown. the thig is that when looking at those pics your eyes are drawn to the super tall skyscrapers in the background like the JHC or the waterveiw etc. but ther is more dencity than meets the eye. behind that theres high rise packed streetervill hidding behind it all and there are more nid/high rises in the forground that due to the hiegh of s number of other skycsrapers seem to almost fade away to haveno significance in the skyline. at the street level though these buildings have more of a presence. and its getting better with all the new construction and proposals. i would like though to see mor gerth west of the south loop south of the sears to help connect the central station /musium campus to the rest of the skyline
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