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Centre point just after a spring shower. Feint rainbow forming above.

Piccadilly Circus

Big Ben with some omninous clouds looming.

People trying to catch a glimpse of the VE day celebration concert. Ambulances were everywhere.

Feint outline of the eye behind trees.

Ah! there it is.

Looking towards the future site of Vauxhall Tower.

The Barbican towers appear under a bridge.

The World's Financial capital, all packed into a Sq Mile.

A now familiar sight. What the heck, interesting lighting.

makes the thames look as if its iceing over.

I took more as it got darker and the lights came on, but they didnt come out to well. They look alright on the lcd screen but once on the computer the higher resolutions distort it. Needed to change my camera settings and use a tripod really.

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caw123 said:
And I don't want to be a nitpicker, but I am, it's much easier reading(for me at least) if the caption is above the photo it's reffering too. ;)
Agreed :yes:

Great pics though. :)

The tortoise on that sign is funny - I saw it a couple of weeks ago when I was out clubbing. The animation is incredible and it dances over those piano keys. :) Piccadilly Circus has massively improved with the addition of that new sign at the top.

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