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A stroll on Rehoboth Beach's boardwalk

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I went down to the beach to kick off the Summer season this past Saturday. It was a nice day, although it was pretty cool, with temperatures only in the mid 70's. The water was downright cold, at only 50º, but I went for a swim anyway. There were a few others that were swimming as well.

While there, I picked up some salt water taffy at Dolle's, some new board shorts for the Summer, and had some Thrasher's french fries as well.

First, some pictures from the beach.

From in front of Funland.

The quaint old Sunview Hotel at the end of Wilmington Avenue.

From Thrasher's Fries. Two Delaware institutions, Grotto's pizza and Dolle's salt water taffy, can be seen on the boardwalk.

The boardwalk at Rehoboth Avenue. Two Delaware institutions, Thrasher's fries and Dolle's taffy, can be seen just a few steps away form each other.

Some Rehoboth Beach hotels, including the Sands Hotel in the center.

The beach.

Looking south at another Grotto's and at Dolle's from the Rehoboth Beach Patrol station.

The Boardwalk Plaza Hotel, finishing up with some renovations.

Looking north at the henlopen Hotel and the Stuart Kingston.

Looking south at the Boardwalk Plaza and Sands.

Another view south.

Looking south from one of the Thrasher's Fries shops at Funland and the Star of the Sea condo building.

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Does look a tad cool for swimming. But at least you braved it for the first time this year. Hmmmm, Grotto's Pizza :drool:

Thanks for the welcome to summer thread Matt. (of course I lean more toward the old folks area - Bethany :lol: ).
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