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Nice photographs...

A tale of two underground cities: Urban explorer's stunning photographs of the subways and sewers of New York and London
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 06:59 EST, 24 July 2012 | UPDATED: 08:54 EST, 24 July 2012


They are the product of a venture that has seen him wading chest-deep through sewage, stepping over live railway tracks and camping for a week in a subway.
These incredible pictures tell an oft-neglected tale of two great cities from deep below the surface and high above the skyline.
Urban explorer Steve Duncan, 33, said he wanted to capture the forbidden places people usually take for granted in his reportage of New York and London...

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I found more infos about Clapham shelters which are one of the subjects of the report

There were eight deep level shelters built between 1941-1942 underneath existing London Underground stations
Since the war, plans were drawn up to utilise the tunnels as an express rail route, but were soon dropped due to lack of funding

London Underground have since took control of the shelters, all of which have been leased out except for Clapham
30M Down the mainshaft via a spiral staircase are two 1400ft long tubes, with connecting tunnels and a now bricked up link to Clapham North Station

The shelter was originally designed to house 8,000 people during the blitz of WW2

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