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Lembeye is a market-town in Northern Béarn, that attracts many British people :

The Tower of Lembeye :

Bearnese architecture :

The Gothic church suffered from XIXth century renovations :

The neighbouring countryside with its isolated farms :

Northern Béarn (Vic-Bilh) is made of large asymmetrical valleys :

These pediments are typical from this part of Gascony and illustrate the influence of classical architecture on vernacular reconstructions during the great times of prosperity (XVIIIth century) :

A modern attempt at Bearnese architecture :

The former rail-station, now abandoned : public services are not the last ones when it comes to withdrawing from regions in difficulties

Going to the Castle of Arricau-Bordes, now a Dutch possession :

Down in the plain (Gayon) :

Field corns constitute a major landscape :

Towards Lussagnet-Lusson :

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