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A venue with concrete floors?

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I'm trying to find a venue in Durban for roller skating. We are having enormous trouble finding something with suitable flooring, lighting and seating capacity and would be awesome to rack your guys' brains.

We're looking for something indoors like a hall, warehouse, stadium or private garage with space to lay down track marker tape (see attached image), plus bathrooms and good lighting. Would maybe need to be around 50m long and 30 meters wide or so, the bigger the better.

Venues are needed for both practice (no seating required) and bouts (500 people grandstand seating is ideal), so finding one that can do both would be ideal.

Alternatively, if anyone knows someone who rents/sells flooring that can be easily moved, let us know.

And of course, you should all come check it out!

Thanks for any tips! And hi dysan1, long time. :)

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What about Gateway, where the indoor climbing wall used to be? That's a huge, open space with concrete floors, if I recall correctly.
Possibly would work for a bout if they are willing to rent it! Nice one. Could get a lot of people around. Only problem would be access control - we need to sell tickets. As far as using it for practice, it wouldn't work as shoppers use it every night.
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