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A walk around Stevens Square in Minneapolis

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I moved to the Stevens Square neighborhood of South Minneapolis in February, and have been very busy since then. The day I moved in I wanted to take a walk with my camera but I finally got around to it yesterday:

creepy drawing on the wall of the abandoned Abbott Hospital:

If anyone has any of their photos they want to share of this area feel free to post them!
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Wow, so many good Twin Cities photographers reppin the Mill. Nice thread, I really enjoyed it!
Nice photos of a very nice looking neighbordhood.

Reminds me a bit of my hood in KC

There are even a couple houses that are pretty much identical to this one (though I didn't get them in my photo thread:

Although, your hood seems closer to downtown and a bit more urban. Love the shots with the skyline in the background. Unfortunately, there aren't too many neighborhoods in KC that have skyline views, due to the topography - being obstructed by hills.
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I always liked this area. It reminds me of when I used to ride my bike to work up Park Avenue. Wow, what a flashback to my Minneapolis days. Thanks for sharing.
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