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A wonder around Stratford high street (London). A bit of the Olympic village and the Royal Docks.

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First an overview of the Olympic area.

This is the Northern half of the Olympic park.

The golden area is the already built Athletes village.

The large red plot is the complete Westfield Stratford City.

The purple plots are the sites that are to be developed once the games have finished and are under control of the Olympic Delivery authority.

The Southern Half of the Park and the High Street Area.

Blue areas are plots that have had plans submitted for planning. The large one in the South West is the Ikea Strand East development where site clearance has begun.

Red areas are already developed, which you will see in my photos.

The brown plot is the Carpenter Estate public housing estate. The local council is so much money here it has already announced plans to 'regenerate' them out of existence.

Orange is under construction

Green sites that have are awaiting redevelopment. Ideas floated, images created but no actual planning permission applied for.

Stratford High street.

Turning west from Stratford high street DLR station. The reason for the orgy of construction along this road, is that it was mostly low grade industrial long past it's peak and it was one of the few area near a major public transport interchange and not under control of the Olympic delivery authority, so private developers have let rip and only the recession has slowed things down.

Restoration of an actual historic structure!

The doomed carpenter estate.

More buildings marking time.

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A bit of the Olympic Park and Athletes village

Part of the permanently thronged Westfield Stratford City.

The athletes village, it looks good in person.

More of the park

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Western Half of the Royal Docks with the Cable car.

New Siemans sustainablilty centre

New Cable car station!

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Plus a few images of schemes proposed.

High street area.

Proposed withdrawn along with the crash.

Just been approved

Olympic village phase two

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Great, very nice photos from London's Olympic village :)
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