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Abandoned Wilmington: the Gibraltar mansion

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Gibraltar is a mansion built in 1844 by John Rodney Brinckle, grandnephew of Delaware Patriot Caesar Rodney, on Greenhill Avenue in The Highlands neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. The Italianate house, perched on rocks on one of the highest points in Wilmington, was named after the rocky outcropping in Europe. Members of the Brinckle family lived in the house until 1909, when philanthropist, preservationist, and amateur horticulturalist Hugh Rodney Sharp and his wife, Isabella Mathieu DuPont Sharp bought the property. Upon expanding the property, the Sharps hired Marian Cruger Coffin to design the estate's formal gardens. Coffin, one of the nation's first and most accomplished female landscape architects in the U.S., deisgned that gardens between 1916 and 1923, and created several garden "rooms", sectioned off from other parts of the garden and having their own feel. The mansion was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998, and is an official "Save America's Treasures" project.

The house and gardens are currently controlled by Preservation Delaware, Inc., who campaigned in 1997 to have the gardens restored to their original appearance. The gardens are now accessible to the public from Monday to Friday, or by appointment. The house still sits abandoned, but there has been a push to convert the house into office space. The ongoing debate about the Gibraltar Mansion office space can be found throughout the "Wilmington Development News" thread.

Since it is under watch by Preservation Delaware, the house is securly locked up, and boarded up where vandals, looters, and explorers had broken into the house over the years. Despite this, I was able to snoop araoun a little and see parts of the inside of the house. I plan on contacted Preservation Delaware, located in the garage house at Gibraltar, for a formal tour some time in the future.

The living room.

The sun room.

The greenhouse.

Wilmington's skyline is visible from Gibraltar, although you can't see the skyscrapers on the Riverfront or in the lower section of Downtown from here.

Downtown Wilmington from the front steps.

The gardens are a park for the city of Wilmington and are open to the public on Modays through Fridays.

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Wow that must have been a wonderful home to live. It might have a few ghosts by now. They probably won't like it that it will be transform into offices. Weren't you a little freak out been inside of the house?
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