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Gibraltar exists because I saved it. Took me seven painful years to accomplish (1991-1998). Had I not done this, Gibraltar would now be six acres of townhouses. That was the plan until I stepped up to the plate.

My great great grandfather built Gibraltar in 1844, and my ancestors lived there until 1909, when my grandfather sold it to the Sharps/duPonts so he could move his architecture practice and family to Easton, MD, where, by the way, I now live and work.

I did my best to have the mansion restored. As you see, I did not succeed with that part, but I did succeed with the gardens and with keepi ng the house from being torn down. I also saved your city from more insidious neocon townhouses.

Thank y'all for caring.

Very Respectfully,

I hate to say it, but six acres of row houses almost sounds like a step up, especially in the ghetto that is Wilmington. There is enough abandoned in that "city" already, as much as this place is beautiful, tearing it down wouldn't have been the worst thing.
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