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Proposed Shopping Mall

Name: Abeke Estate
City: Lagos
Use: Residential/Retail
Status: Ongoing

Abeke Estate (Alpha Beach) Project

In Lagos metropolis, prospective home owners are faced with the problem of finding genuine land for their housing development. This is due to the fact that about 70% of underdeveloped land in Lagos Metropolis is under government acquisition.

Abeke Estate is a model and a desire for all that wants excellence because of the financial and technical back up it commands.
Mission Statement

Abeke Estate is set to provide a uniquely planned, exclusive, private, serene and secured residential living environment for the medium income earners who seek these lofty values every day of their life.
Estate Owners and Developers

Abeke Estate is a private initiative owned and developed by Abeke Estate Limited, a private real estate development company jointly owned by

* Muklar Limited – A reputable building and civil engineering contractor
* Koll Properties Limited – Real Estate Marketing in and outside Nigeria.

Brief Description of the Project

The charming town of Alpha, a serene centre known for its beaches and recreation activities is set in an idyllic country location. It is 2.5 kilometers south of the Lagos - Epe Expressway; a major coastal road along the Lekki peninsula. This is the proposed location of the estate, which is bordered by the Coca-cola Estate on the North, NAL Estate in the West and the proposed Birrel Avenue (Chevron) Estates in the east. Alpha town offers unrivalled value in a superb reside -ntial location due to the proximity to the beach and National Conservation Centre. -ntial location due to the proximity to the beach and National Conservation Centre.

Infrastructures Provided

The Estate will enjoy excellent amenities including well serviced water supply system, power generating sets, good roads, well landscaped environment and adequate security network. In addition, a shopping mall , restaurants and a petrol station is to be constructed adjacent the estate where daily needs can be readily met.

House Prices

4 Bedroom detached houses N25, 000,000.00
4 Bedroom semi-detached houses N20, 000,000.00
4 Bedroom terrace houses N18, 000,000.00

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It a good housing project. I really like the location close to the antlatic ocean - embalming palm beach,sunning side, etc.









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