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This thread's sole purpose is to inform you all the things you need to know to participate in Guess the City. Please ask any questions that you have on Guess the City.Sticky please :)


-Just be kind and respectful to others.


1) Pick a picture, whether it’s taken by you or was simply found in the Internet.

1b) If you found the picture from the Internet, save into you computer, these are the most common files accepted: .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tif, .tiff.

2) Before you can post your pictures in SSC, you will need an image host. An image host is a place where you can save your pictures in the Internet. There are many free online image hosts out there. The most commonly used are and

3) After you’ve found an image host, create an account.

4) Upload your picture to your account (your image host will tell you what to do).

5) After you’ve uploaded your picture, you will receive a URL for the picture. Click-right and copy the URL.

6) To post your picture in SSC, press the Insert Image button or the yellow button with the mountain. A pop-up box will appear on the screen. Paste the URL and then press OK. The URL of your picture will appear and will look like this. >>>

7) After you’re are done, press submit and your picture will appear.


You can make your own point system (example below).

MattSal's Point System
Continent = 1 point
Country = 2 points
City = 3 points
Exact Location = 4 points
BONUS = 2 points

* Points doesn't apply to all GTC threads.

If you think there's something that I should change, please tell me.

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A Word From Our Sponsors . . .

:pepper: :carrot: :banana: :cucumber:MattSal's Tips for GTC:cucumber: :banana: :carrot: :pepper:

Picking Cities
Tip 1: Pick a city that is not too well known, but not too unknown as well.
Tip 2: Do not pick a city that you have done before.
Tip 3: Do not pick a city that has been done by someone else recently.
Tip 4: Do not pick the city you live in.

Picking Photos
Tip 1: Don't pick a photo showing a clearly identifiable landmark or building.
Tip 2: Don't pick a photo showing signs or writing disclosing too much information.
Tip 3: Don't pick a photo that is too small or too large.
Tip 4: Don't pick a photo that is too zoomed in or is too unspecific.
Tip 5: If you're using Google, don't pick a result off the first page.

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We need a general point system ONLY for the threads that COMPETE in the OVERALL POINTS TALLY

For these :

3 points 2 point and 1 point

Each poster should have the discretion to determine in his post ( in the first post.. before people starts guessing ) as to what gets three points and what gets 2 and what gets 1

We need to see each thread CASE cy CASE yet adhering ot general OVERAL LPOINTS TALLY RULES

Apart from these : There need not be posting or point rules for threads by newbies or innovative threads

Those threads that ARE to be entered in the OVERALL POINTS TALLY should have the word (points) in thier title ?

also rules need to be drawn as to when to fgivev a clue etc.. like one clue per page or so and how many guesses per post etc ?

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Ellatur said:
do we HAVE to follow these pointing rules?
Nope Ellatur which is what I have been campaigning for !

The unified points tally could be for those who want to be part of it. Others can obviously post as they like. We are trying to agree on rules not to limit freedom but to make things more lively. What do you think ?

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Pls post only pictures of any city which is quite famous(for any reasons) in that part of the country but unknown to the world..

same way when u post pictures of any buildings,let it be any important building like monuments, unique architecture, historical importance etc

there is no use in posting some pictures of cities and buildings whic hhas no importance..this thread should be for fun and as well as educative..

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Kuesel said:
This discussion is very old and from the "crisis" time - we left that behind us and are in a <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='new era'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">new era</a> now - cheer up! :cheers:
YEAH... :cheers:

Eat your fudge!
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Kuesel said:
This discussion is very old and from the "crisis" time - we left that behind us and are in a new era now - cheer up! :cheers:
come on, we weren't on crisis, we don't own the place! there were a couple of fights and that's all. i'm glad it's smoother now.
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