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About Time We Had Another Tower

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Umm ...
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I'm trying to contact Dandara over these two 15 storey towers behind Auchinleck House but I keep getting no reply. It's really very annoying.
Well, the article said between 15-20 storeys. I don't think it is part of Five Ways shopping centre though. One will be office and the other residential.

As for MG, the leases also are set to expire next year so that's when I expect to see some demolition/ construction work there.
Sim probably knows of a couple of towers in the pipeline. I know about one. I just wish I worked for Skyscrapernews - gothic has mentioned about 20 towers in the pipeline for Birmingham alone :eek:
I know you do, and I envy you immensely. But you haven't teased about with figures for towers in the pipeline ;)

And thanks for the Dandara advice. I'm giving up now, anyway. :(
hey, i work for

and erebuss, i cant imagine you'll be getting anywhere with dandara yet, all there efforts are targetted at arena central and great charles street!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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