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Abraj Al Bait, Mecca

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Abraj Al Bait
Mecca, Saudi Arabia

HEIGHT: 240m/787 feet
FLOORS: 44 floors
COMPLETION: 2008 ( Al Safa Tower )

Whole project consists of:

Al Safa Tower, 240m (( Completed ))

Al Marwa Tower, 240m

Hijra Tower, 260m

ZamZam Tower, 260m

Makkah Royal Hotel Tower, 595m ( will get its own thread )

The Wings:

Sarah Tower, 240m

Maqam Tower, 240m

please correct me if the heights/tower names are wrong :)

Al Safa should be the on the right-front:


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This complex looks a bit disjointed. It isn't symmetrical at all. Why would you create a plan for symmetry and and then ruin it with clumsy looking buildings that appear to have no correspondance to each other? I should mention that the cladding is ok but that's it. I give this one a 3.
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