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Absolute Vision- 30 storey condo for Missi

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This will be the 3rd tower of the Absolute condo community in Missisauga.

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Travis, you're talking my job. :lol:

Excellent stuff by the way!
Those wrap around balconies(or whatever they are) look like something out of the Jetsons.
Thanks Mr Man, I just doing my thing, keeping my fellow TO posters posted up on current projects going on.
This is actually 35 stories tall. It looks alright, but keep in mind that there are three other buildings in this development that have the EXACT SAME design.
^actually it's 38 storeys
Well I hope its 38 or higher!
did someone say it's 48 stories high? wow!

I have to say i like this one....i don't know why i like it, i think cause she has some nice curves!! She's Sexy! :)
That is so the standard building around Toronto these days...they could take all the buildings from Pinnacle, Waterparkcity, NYCC, STC, Mississauga, etc...switch them around...and nobody would notice the difference. It's like the same building...just switch corner angles and balcony placements and's like the building is made from the same cutout that you move a few pieces around.

Not saying I hate them...but they make me uneasy for some reason.

The tower is fine - nothing special, but fine.

It is the site plan that is revolting - one of the worst site plans for any project in the recent condo boom - and unfortunately located at one of Mississauga's most important intersections rather than being tucked away somewhere less offensive.
Essex is worst. Absolute at least has a streetwall of outward facing, 3 storey townhouses
Mississauga skyline is surely changing.

Amacon 1: 50s
Amacon 2: 45s
Amacon 3: 45s
Amacon 4: 40s
Amacon 5: 40s
Capital 3: 38s
Absolute3: 38s
Solstice 1: 38s
Solstice 2: 38s

And Mississuaga's current tallest is 36s followed by a couple in the 32 - 34s range
DAMN!! Thats some nice density for a suburb. Mississauga's population is sure to reach 1 million soon.
I just wished that there was this much office buildings planned for downtown Toronto instead of them building in the suburbs.

Thank you yyzer from UT
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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