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Empire Tower, Albu Dhabi
Al Reem Island, Shams District

Height | 230m
Floors | 57
Use | Residential
Architect | Aedas
Developer | Empire International Investments

Construction Status | Under Construction
Construction Start | Sept 2008
Construction End | 2012

Aedas website

  • Empire Tower, a distinctive building designed by leading architects Aedas, is located on Al Reem Island.
  • The unique 57-storey building will provide 487 residential units, with community facilities including a nursery and landscaped outdoor gardens.
  • The building is unusual in its solely residential use. This departure from the more typical mixed-use development, with its safety net of dual revenue streams, reflects Abu Dhabi’s huge demand for residential property in the face of a growing population.
  • Empire Tower is designed to meet the requirements of the Al Reem master developers' guidelines, as well as aiming for a LEED Silver rating, the standard required for all UAE development.
  • This unique asymmetrically sloping tower is carefully designed to achieve panoramic sea views from each individual apartment.
  • The tower will be nearly 240 metres in height. The overall built up area, including 6 floors of podium parking and one basement level, amounts to 94,400m².

The Approach
  • To provide a full package of services to a client who, in terms of development, is recently established in the UAE. Services will incorporate commercial, project and construction management.

The Challenge
  • The Empire Tower project has some significant challenges, including the island site and especially the building’s superstructure with its three dimensional, iconic sloping façade as a defining feature.
  • Further challenges arise through the added difficulties created by the pace of development in this constrained area, and the challenges associated with both human and material resources.
  • With Al Reem falling within a separate entity related to approval processes, this will demand a vastly different approach from that established in Dubai.
Enabling works started in September 2008.
The overall construction duration is 34 months, with completion due in 2012.


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Current Project Status 29/07/2010

Ongoing Activities

1.Completion of 2ndfloor slab, zone 1.
2.Preparation to cast 3rdfloor slab, zone 2.
3.Preparation for 1stslab and ramp, podium area, zone 3.
4.Preparation for 1stfloor slab, podium area zone 4&5Completed Works .


1.Enabling works completed (100%).
2.Casting of lift walls basement to ground slab.
3.Casting of the tower area foundation, zone 1,2a & 2b.
4Casting of the podium area, zone 3.
5.Casting of the podium area foundation, zone 4.
6.Casting of the podium area foundation, zone 5.
7.Casting of the tower area ground floor slab, zone 1 & 2.
8.Erection of tower cranes, TC01, TC02 and TC03Target output in the coming week.

1.Casting of 2ndfloor slab, zone 1.
2.Casting of 3rdfloor slab, zone 2.
3.Complete preparation for floor slab and ramp, podium area, zone 3.
4.Complete preparation for 1stfloor slab, podium area, zone 4&5.


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Dear Empire Tower Owners,

After a visit to the Empire Tower construction site, you will come to realize that the project is totally abandoned; all work stopped 2 years ago!

My family and I started Arbitration a few months ago and we have high hopes that we will win the case!

In the past, we tried to negotiate directly with the developer but were promptly denied all avenues (discussions/solutions).

I have created a Facebook page to help owners in our situation and point them in the right direction: Empire Tower Abu Dhabi.

Patrick Vaillancourt
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