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Abu Dhabi from the top of Marina Mall Tower

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Was working on a video assignment a few weeks ago and the very nice guys at Marina Mall gave us permission to film inside the Mall, and of the Corniche from the top of Marina Mall Tower.

Few pics (From behind a window, and only from a camera phone), so apologies for the window relefections/bad pics!

The soon-to-be Columbiano coffee shop on the 9th floor

The rest

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COFFEE SHOP ?!?!?!?! pfffft make it a star resturant or sushi bar or it will be filled with useless good for nothing boys and girls wanting to hook up to tickle , i mean seriously



BTW thanks for the pictures :p loved em !
That coffee shop was the 9th floor. The 10th floor is to be, by the looks of it, a revolving restaurant
Thank you, beautiful views.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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