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Since we don't have a separate forum for Al Ain, I thought of posting this here.

Al Ain plan foresees trebling of population

Loveday Morris

Last Updated: April 09. 2009 5:41PM UAE / April 9. 2009 1:41PM GMT

ABU DHABI // Officials have unveiled a master plan to preserve Al Ain’s unique character while sustaining a nearly three-fold increase in population over the next 20 years.

The Plan Al Ain 2030, a set of guidelines for the development of the UAE’s fourth largest city, was released by the Urban Planning Council yesterday.

The blueprint projects the city’s population to grow by 21 per cent over the next five years alone, from the current 374,000 residents to 476,000.

Among the priorities outlined by the plan are conserving the city’s oases, natural landscapes and heritage sites while introducing rail and tram systems and building new housing and business centres.

“Plan Al Ain 2030 strikes a delicate and much-needed balance between conservation and development,” said Falah al Ahbabi, the general manager of the UPC.

“Rather than competing with the heavy industry, skyscrapers and shopping malls of our coastal cities, Al Ain will focus on attracting residents and tourists based on its unique cultural heritage and the quality of the lifestyle it offers.”

The plan, which describes Al Ain as the “soul” of the emirate, emphasises that growth will be “measured rather than uncontrolled”, maintaining the city’s low-built scale, spaciousness, greenery and traditions.
Continuously inhabited for more than 5,000 years because of its natural springs, the area has traditionally provided a summer retreat for Emiratis wanting to escape the high humidity of the coast.

It is known as the “garden city” of the UAE because of its oases, parks and agricultural land and the UPC wants to preserve the quality of life the city’s residents currently enjoy.

The city will be developed along axes extending from the downtown centre and surrounded by a conservation belt.

The farms that dot the city will also be protected.

A network of boulevards, streets and passages will allow pedestrians to walk easily through the city on wide pavements, protected from the sun and dust by plants and shades. A tram system, buses and intercity train links will cut congestion.

Housing developments will be built in the traditional “fareej” style, with a group of dwellings around a central, shaded courtyard allowing extended Emirati families to live in close proximity.

The current ban on buildings above a height of 20 metres, excluding mosques, will be maintained. The rule has forced Al Ain to expand horizontally rather than vertically, and the challenge for planners will be to avoid further urban sprawl as the city grows.

To make the city economically sustainable, the existing manufacturing, healthcare and service sectors will be supported, while the expansion of hi-tech and media-based industries will be encouraged. More jobs will also be created in the tourism sector.

The plan projects that more than a million tourists will visit the city annually by 2030. The current level of 200,000 visitors a year is expected to double by 2013.

It envisages the city’s significant archaeological sites and historic buildings, including the Eastern Fort, the ancestral home of the ruling family, and the recently renovated Al Jahili Fort, as a major draw for tourists.

Mr al Ahbabi said special attention would be paid to preserving the “identity” of Al Ain, where Emiratis make up 33 per cent of the population, a far higher proportion than in any of the UAE’s bigger cities.

The plan projects that this ratio will stay roughly the same over the next 20 years. Dr Matar al Nuaimi, executive director of infrastructure and assets at Al Ain Municipality, said this would be achieved by developing opportunities for young Emiratis in the city, many of whom currently leave for Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Jebel Hafeet will be made into a national park. Mr al Ahbabi said plans for an indoor ski slope on the mountain, which would have a massive ecological impact, had not been scrapped. “We are studying the possibilities of how to do it in the right way,” he said.

The development of the city has been divided into three phases, the first of which has already begun with the construction of Emirati housing projects. This stage includes expanding Al Ain Zoo to around three times its current size and development of the Jebel Hafeet tourist resort areas.

The second phase will see the introduction of a tram system and redevelopment of “inner” neighbourhoods, while phase three covers the redevelopment of older areas, such as Al Khrair and Sanaiya, for Emirati housing.

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Moi Aussi...Al Ain is my favorite,,
But you know what? This will push prices up. The city will suffer from speculators, just like what happened in other cities... don't you agree?

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Abu Dhabi - Summary of Projects

Abu Dhabi can be a city that is often ignored because of its neighbour. However, recently the city came up with a urban framework to develop the city into a true world capital. This plan, "Abu Dhabi 2030", provides the structural framework for the city to grow in a controllable manner while keeping the city's culture, heritage and natural environment to make it into a truly great world metropolis. With the city's population expected to triple to 3 million in just 20 years, the city's building, and building BIG. With some reports even claim that the top 10 developments ALONE amount to a total of over $200 billion.

Map of projects under way. - courtesy of The National
Part | 1 | 2 | 3]


Master-planned Projects
Some of the big multi-billion doller developments around the city.​

Capital City

Links: Forum Thread | Project Brochure (44Mb)

The biggest single project is the new Capital City for Abu Dhabi - Budgeted at $40 billion, the city is to comprise of all federal ministries, local government offices and embassies. The development will cover 49 million square metres. It is planned as a sustainable, mixed-use city for 370,000 residents as well as major universities, hospitals and knowledge-based employment sectors, federal buildings, embassies and international institutions. Work starts on the Capital City District in 2012 and expected to be completed by 2028.

Status: The first projects within the masterplan are already under construction, including a University and a 60,000 seater stadium. Construction is set to pick up in 2012

Yas Island

Links: Fourm Thread | Official Site | Yas Marina Circuit Site | Project Video | Aldar's Site

The island is the site of a US$40 billion development project by Aldar Properties. It occupies a total land area of 2,500 hectares, of which 1,700 hectares will be claimed for development. The island will feature attractions such as a world-class motor sports racetrack which will be used to host the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from 2009 onwards, a movie theme park by Warner Bros called Warner Bros Movie World, signature hotels, the Ferrari theme park, water park, and the Abu Dhabi destination retail development of 300,000 sq m retail area, links and parkland golf courses, lagoon hotels, marinas, polo clubs, apartments, villas and numerous food and beverage outlets that will create a unique international tourist destination.
The future resident and working population on the island is estimated to be around 110,000.


  • Yas Island will accommodate the worlds first Ferrari theme park. Ferrari World will be the world's largest indoor theme park, and with its distinct red roof its set to be an landmark icon for Yas Island & Abu Dhabi. | Thread
  • Yas Mall - A 500 store super regional mall with 296,000m2 of retail space and one of the largest free standing roofs in the world. | Thread - Video
  • A world-class motor sports track, 'Yas Marina Circuit' will be used to host the Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix from 2009 onwards. The track will also feature a flagship 5-star hotel. This hotel is built on ether side of the F1 race track and connected via a sky bridge. This will give the appearance of the cars 'driving through the hotel'
  • A 18 hole championship golf course will be on the island, The course will include a floodlit driving range, academy course and a 4,000sqm clubhouse.
  • The Island will host 3 marinas with the capacity of holding over 1400 yachts.
  • A Warner Bros. theme park is also expected to open on the island.
  • Yas Island water park is also in the planning stages

Status: Under construction. The first phase of the development is near completion and expected to be done before November, in time for the Formula 1 GP. Other developments that are under construction including Ferrari world, that will be open in 2010. And the Yas Mall, that has been delayed by a year to 2012.

Al Reem Island

Links: Official Site | Forum Thread | High-res Plot Map | View All The Developments On The Island

Al Reem Island development is a $30 billion master-planned mixed-use community. The development sits on a natural island just 600 meters of the cost of Abu Dhabi main island. Spread across 6.5 million square meters the island is being built by three developers; Sorouh, Reem Investments, and Tamouh. This 'mega development' is one of the largest under construction in Abu Dhabi and will include a business district, a commercial district and a residential district, transforming the island into a 'city within a city'. Some of the facilities that will be on the island will include; seven schools, golf courses, shopping malls, art galleries and four hospitals. The island is expected to have a population of over 200,000 when complete in 2018.

Status: Under construction. The first projects on the island are due to be completed by the end of the year.

Saadiyat Island

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site

This is another massive offshore development under way with a budget of more than $28 billion. The island is expected to be the cultural heart of the city. It includes 29 hotels, three marinas, 8,000 residential villas and more than 38,000 apartments. The project also includes museums, concert halls, maritime history centre, three harbours, a park, golf course, sailing club and many leisure and entertainment offerings. Eventually Saadiyat will be home to more than 150,000.

Key projects on the island.
  • Guggenheim Abu Dhabi | Located at the tip of the island it will be surrounded by water on three sides. Designed by Frank Gehry, it was inspired by industrial studio spaces and reflects the large scale that many contemporary artists work. It will be the largest Guggenheim museum in the world. | Status: Land reclamation.
  • Louvre Abu Dhabi | Scheduled to open in 2012, the design features a distinctive 183m diameter dome that will appear to hover over the buildings below it. The dome will be web patterned allowing sunlight to pass through it | Status: Enabling works ongoing.
  • Performing Arts Centre | Designed by Zaha Hadid the 62m high building is proposed housing five theatres with a combined seating capacity for 6,300. The Centre may also house an Academy of Performing Arts. The Centre will also house an Academy of Performing Arts. The completion for this is expected around 2013. | Status: Land reclamation.
  • Maritime Museum | The last in the four major projects aligned on Saadiyat’s shoreline. The design features a concrete block that is penetrated by a cave-like opening carved diagonal through the mass as if eroded by the winds. This represents two of the characteristic elements of Abu Dhabi, water and land. | Status: Approved.

Status: Under construction. The first parts of the island will start opening by the end of the year.

Masdar City

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site | Foster + Partners Site

A $22 billion budget has been allocated for the ambitious Masdar City project, billed as the first zero-carbon, zero-waste city. The city will include a university, commercial, residential and eco-friendly industrial areas. It will depend on solar energy. Masdar City will also be car-free. Around the city will be wind and photovoltaic farms. The city will be built in 7 phases and expected to be complete in 2022.

  • Power of the city will come from variety of renewable power sources. First of which is a 40 to 60 megawatt solar power plant, (part of this is already operational and will supply the power for all construction activity). This will later be followed by a larger facility, and additional photovoltaic modules will be placed on rooftops to provide supplemental solar energy totalling 130 megawatts. Wind farms will be established outside the city's perimeter capable of producing up to 20 megawatts, and the city intends to utilise geothermal power as well. In addition, Masdar plans to host the world's largest hydrogen power plant.
  • Automobiles will be banned within the city; travel will be accomplished via public mass transit and personal rapid transit systems, with existing road and railways connecting to other locations outside the city.
  • Water management has been planned in an environmentally-sound manner as well. A solar-powered desalination plant will be used to provide the city's water needs, which is stated to be 60 percent lower than similarly sized communities. Approximately 80 percent of the water used will be recycled and waste water will be reused "as many times as possible," with this greywater being used for crop irrigation and other purposes.
  • In the centre of the city will be Masdar headquarters, this will be the first 'positive energy' mixed used building in the world, producing more energy than it consumes. It will be the world’s greenest office building, yielding zero carbon emissions and zero waste (both liquid and solid) and a sustainable measure beyond LEED platinum.

Al Raha Beach

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site | Youtube Video | Aldar's Site

The Development is a massive project and spreads over 5 square kilometres. The development includes construction of 11 precincts that will include hotels, marinas, parks, restaurants as well as leisure facilities. These precincts are known as the following: Al Zeina, Khor Al Raha, Al Bandar, Al Seef, Al Dana, Al Rumaila, Al Nakhel, Al Lissaily, Al Shaleela, Al Razeen, and Al Thurayya. Al Raha Beach complex is another mixed-use project and will cost around $18.5 billion and house up to 120,000 people. Construction started in late 2006 and is expected to be fully complete in 2018.

Status: Under construction. The first residents expected to move in early next year.

Ghantoot Green City

Links: Forum Thread

Ghantoot Green City is a $10 billion mixed use city, located in Ghantoot at Abu Dhabi. The project is understood to cover 60 square kilometres. The project involves the construction of a city with a commercial centre, hotels, office blocks, residential developments, warehousing and light industrial areas. The project is under design. The city will be split into 12 phases, with the first covering 6.2 square kilometres, and it is understood to include residential properties and hotels along the coast. Construction is due to start in the first quarter of 2010 and will take around 10 years to complete.

Capital Centre

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site

The project calls for construction a new micro-city of 23 towers, including 6 branded hotels, 4 commercial buildings, 8 residential and serviced apartment complexes and 5 mixed use developments. Also featured in Capital Centre will be a 2.3km waterfront Marina Zone; a proposed monorail and the 'Galleria' - a shopping mall with restaurants, retail outlets, and cinemas. The most distinctive feature of the development will be the iconic 35-storey Capital Gate, which will include a 200+ room five hotel and 20,000 square metres of office and retail space; Capital Gate will rise from the ground in a gravity defying form; its design has already been widely praised for is architectural ingenuity.

Mohammad Bin Zayed City

Links: Forum Thread

With a budget of $7 billion, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed City is another new city comprising 349 residential towers, with its related Public, Commercial, Retail and Recreational facilities. This development covers approximately five million square meters with related infrastructure, landscaping and community amenities to house a population of about 85,000 people. The development is on the Abu Dhabi-Al Ain highway. Project is expected to start towards the end of the year and finish by the end of 2012.

Al Sowwah Island

Links: Forum Thread | Developers Site

Sowwah Island will be at the heart of Abu Dhabi’s new Central Business District. The development is strategically located between Al Reem Island, Mina Zayed and Abu Dhabi main island. Sowwah Island will also feature an integrated and multi-layered transport network to ensure efficient, convenient access from all areas of Abu Dhabi, including 13 new bridges and a mass transit system with both light and heavy rail. The project will have more than 30,000 permanent residents, and 80,000 office workers by day.

Status: Under construction.


Supertall Projects
A list of developments with a height of at least 300 meters.​

Central Market

Towers: The Domain | 88F | 382m ______ Architect: Foster + Partners______Developer: Aldar
_______ Trust Tower | 60F | 278m
_______ Central Market Hotel | 58F | 255m

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site | Project Video | Foster + Partners Site | Aldar's Site

Abu Dhabi Central Market is a mixed-use development in Abu Dhabi. The development is set of three towers; the towers will comprise apartments, an Arabian Souk, restaurants, luxury offices, hotels and car parking with capacity of 5,000 cars. The tallest of the three towers will be 382m and is to become Abu Dhabi's tallest building representing the heart of the city. The development is expected to be fully complete by the of 2010.

Status: Under construction. All of the towers and the souk rising with the cladding predicted to start shortly.

A.D.N.O.C. Headquarters

Height: ??F | 335m

Links: ??

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s new headquarters will become a landmark building in the United Arab Emirates and a symbol of ADNOC’s status as one of the most prominent oil and gas companies in the world. In addition to office space, this magnificent tower will include a Corniche Club, the Supreme Petroleum Council and Crisis Management Centre, the Heritage Museum and other supporting facilities. The tower will also have a Gold or Platinum LEED Certification, reducing its impact on the environment.

Status: Demo/Ground work.

The Landmark

Height: 72F | 324m _______ Architect: Pelli Clarke Pelli

Links: Forum Thread

The mixed-use tower and is located on the Abu Dhabi Corniche. The tower will have 72 floors above ground with 5 basement levels for parking. The height of the tower is 324 metres and will be the second tallest in Abu Dhabi (after Central Market). The tower will include offices, shops, restaurants, a sky garden and penthouses. The total built up area is of the tower is 205,000 square metres. Completion is due around the middle next of next year.

Status: Under Construction. The tower is about half way up with the cladding catching up.

Gate District

Towers: Sky Tower | 74F | 310m _______ Architect: Arquitectonica
_______ Sun Tower | 65F | 2??m
_______ Gate Towers | 65F | 250m (X4)

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site | Architects Site

The project involves construction of 2 elliptical shaped towers named the Sky and Sun Towers. The towers are connected by a common podium. The Sky Tower comprises 5 basement levels, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, 5 podium levels and 74 additional floors. 1st floor to 39th floor has been dedicated for commercial purpose, while the 40th floor to 74th floor has been dedicated for residential purpose. The Sun Tower is completely residential and comprises 5 basement levels, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, 5 podium levels and 63 additional floors.

Status: Under construction. Both Sky & Sun Towers have topped out and due to be complete March next year. The 4 gate towers are now rising.

Etihad Towers

Towers: Tower 1 | 70F | 277m _______ Architect: DBI Design
_______ Tower 2 | 79F | 305m
_______ Tower 3 | 62F | 260m
_______ Tower 4 | 61F | 234m
_______ Tower 5 | 56F | 217m

Links: Fourm Thread | Official Site | Project Video

The project is a prestigious mixed use development approximately 460,000m2 composed of a total of five towers from 56 to 79 floors, a large multi level podium and four level underground parking with a capacity of more than 5,000 cars. In 2006, Cansult Maunsell was awarded the preparation of Construction Document Stage Documents and Drawings and Construction Supervision by H.E. Sheikh Suroor Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan. The construction of enabling works started in July 2006 and the project is scheduled to be completed by mid 2010.

Status: All 5 towers rising, cladding also being installed quickly. They could be topped out within a month or two.

Tameer Towers

Towers: Commercial Tower | 74F | 300m
_______ Tower A | 62F | 222m
_______ Tower B | 62F | 222m
_______ Tower C | 42F | 145m
_______ Tower D | 42F | 145m
_______ Hotel Tower | 30F | 102m

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site

This development consists of a 74-storey 'diamond-shaped' commercial tower, two 62-storey towers, and two 42-storey towers and a seven-star luxury hotel. The project will also include a private marina and a carnal. The main icon of the development is the comersial tower that is split at the base to straddle the canal and pedestrian walkway that connect the Central Park and the sea. The total built up area of commercial towers is 169,437 square metres while the total built up area of residential towers is 317,304 square metres, and the cost of the project is set to be around $1.6 billion.

Status: Foundations complete. Now on hold, unclear when construction will restart.

The Wings

Towers: Residential Tower | 72F | 300m
_______ Commercial Tower | 72F | 300m

Links: Forum Thread | Official Site | Project Brochure

Situated on the spectacular Najmat Marina and commanding the most enviable location on Al-Reem Island, The Wings soar to more than 300 metres high with incomparable views of the Abu Dhabi skyline and the azure waters of The Arabian Gulf.

Status: Information still unclear with these towers, however its anticipated that the main contractor will be on site by October.


Other Projects
This includes some of the 'smaller' projects through out Abu Dhabi.
In the list there are also longer term master-planned developments that haven't been released.​

Mina Zayed | Another large mega project to redevelop the Mina Zayed port at the tip of Abu Dhabi. | Status: Planning stages, first two designs scrapped.

Hudayriat Island | This large island is located just off the South-West coast of Abu Dhabi's main island and is apparently next on the development agenda. The southern part of the island has been designated for housing as part of the 2030 plan, while the Northern part is being developed by the Department of Presidential Affairs, which has not given details of its plans. | Status: Planning Stages.

Lulu Island | Another large island master plan situated just off the Abu Dhabi corniche. This will be made up of mainly low-rise residential, leisure, tourism facilities. However a single tall landmark tower called the "Oyster Shell" has been approved on the island and from the images seen looks like a supertall.

Arzanah | A Dh18.5 billion complex surrounding the iconic Zayed Stadium. The project will be made up of a number residential towers housing 18,000 people, a new mall and a sports medicine centre. It will also be a major sporting location with a new aquatics centre, international tennis complex, ice ring and bowling centre in addition to the Zayed Stadium. | Status: First phase Under Construction.

Nation Towers | A set of two high-rise building joined at the top via a sky bridge. The buildings will contain a 5 star hotel, residential apartments, offices and a shopping mall at its base. | Status: Preparation.

Nurai Island | This is a 130,000 square metre island located northeast of Saadiyat Island. The island will compose of; one boutique luxury hotel resort, 31 beachfront estates and 36 water villas. The only way of assessing this small island is by boat or helicopter and will be home to some of the worlds super rich. | Status: Under Construction. Completion expected December 2010.

Al Ghadeer | Located along the edge of the Abu Dhabi-Dubai border this is a large Dh20 billion master-planned community. It will be home to 18,000 residents. More than 6,000 homes will be constructed within the six villages that make up Al Ghadeer. The project will also contain, seven mosques, seven schools, sports clubs, community centres, retail outlets, numerous restaurants and cafés and cinemas. | Status: Unknown.

Al Reef Villas | The Al Reef project comprises 2,500 villas and 1,500 apartments. The project will be developed over 10 million square feet of land and will include all facilities such as schools, play areas, malls and gardens. | Status: Under Construction.

Abu Dhabi Marina | A mixed-use community located in the capital's Al Bateen area. | Status: Unknown.

Khaldiya Palace Rotana | A series of mid-rise hotel and residential buildings, its located directly opposite 'Emirates Palace Hotel'. It will contain 400 rooms, suites and serviced apartments between the buildings. Completion could be done before the end of the year. | Status: Under construction. Most of the structural work complete, internal works ongoing.

Bridgeway Abu Dhabi | An 11 story mixed used development located next to the Zayed Stadium, just outside of the 'Arzanah' development. The building will contain a 5 star hotel, offices, residential apartments, restaurants and a shopping mall on the ground floor. | Status: Under construction.

Danat Al Emarat Hospital | This 21-floor hospital will be for women and children only and will contain 160 private rooms and state-of-the-art facilities over a 92,000m2 area. | Status: Construction is set to start this year and it will be completed by 2011.

Al Shamkha | Is a huge residential development spread over 4,300 hectares which will provide over 10,000 new villas in 43 neighborhoods. The project is located 50 km south of Abu Dhabi Island and the anticipated population that will reside within the new master plan is could amount to over 200,000. Status: Unknown.

Qasr Al Sarab | A tradition Arabian retreat located 90mins from Abu Dhabi airport and 7km from the main highway. The project is mainly residential and will include 52 villas with 154 guest rooms. | Status: Under construction.

Coconut Island | The developmnt is located on a small island in 'the heart' of Abu Dhabi. The island includes a high-end residential community, stunning lagoon, a marina, a world class spa, a new Ritz-Carlton hotel. The resort is due to open in 2011. | Status: Land reclamation complete.

Dolphin Island | Located just east of the Al Reem development, this project is a 40 acer leisure and tourism island in the shape of three dolphins. The island will house a resort hotel, spa and sauna pavilion, sport centre, mosque, restaurants and nightclubs. | Status: Land reclamation.

Helix Hotel | The Helix is the centerpiece of a new waterfront development adjacent to Zaha Hadid’s dune-like Sheikh Zayed Bridge. The hotel boasts a legion of luxury amenities, standout among them a rooftop deck with glass-bottom swimming pool. Status: Approved.

ADIC HQ | A development of two 25 storey iconic twin towers. The building will house the 'Abu Dhabi Investment Council' and can accommodate upto 2,100 workers when complete. | Status: Under construction.

Capital Plaza | It covers the construction of five towers, ranging in height from 30 to 45 storeys on a seven-storey retail podium and a four-level basement car park. Three of the towers will be residential, providing a total of 260 apartments, one tower will house a 250 room hotel, while the fifth and final tower will be 25,000 square metre office building. | Status: Topped out.

Desert Island | It will consist of eight islands and an onshore gate providing a multitude of experiences encompassing a nature reserve, a cultural destination and a showcase for world-class environmental, conservation and ecological tourism, including the Arabian National Park. | Status: Under construction.

Danet Abu Dhabi | a landmark real estate project costing Dh34 billion, has been announced in the capital to develop 34 multi-storied commercial and residential towers, green areas, hotels, shopping malls and entertainment facilities. | Status: Under construction.

:dance2:...Page under construction, keep checking for updates...:dance2:​

Any new projects, information, or basically anything related to Abu Dhabi free free to post here. I will add any relevant information to the list when I have time.

I love Abu Dhabi.
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Very well done indeed. Your effort is highly appreciated by sir Ahmed ;) :D

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^^ Lol, no. This was posted before that, and anyway mines better! ;)

Most of that information is wildly available, lists like that have been floating around for ages, I got alot of the info posted here from an article similar to that.

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Thanks for your comments guys. :)
A good excuse to use this thread. Any one know what this project board is for?
I don't recognize the design and can't find it. Some new towers?

#PROJECT : Abu Dhabi "Emroc Twin Towers", 37f, ?m, Res, Hotel-

NBAD to finance Emroc's Abu Dhabi towers project
By Ahmed A. Elewa, Staff Reporter
Published: December 16, 2007, 01:03

Abu Dhabi: The newly established Emirates - Morocco General Trading and Investment Company (Emroc) announced on Saturday that it has signed a Dh1 billion agreement with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD) to finance the company's first real estate project in the country.

The mixed-use development will be built in Abu Dhabi on an area of 12,000 square metres, opposite the Emirates Palace Hotel.

"The two 37-storey luxurious towers will overlook the Arabian Gulf from the Ras Akhdar area. The first tower will house a five-star hotel and resort, while the second will be residential, offering hotel apartments, in addition to a large shopping wing. The development includes a beach," said Salem Mohammad Salem Al Daheri, Emroc's chairman.

The twin 37-storey towers will be built on an area of 12,000 square metres and house a five-star hotel and residences.

Emroc was incorporated earlier this year as a joint venture between businessmen and investors from the UAE and Morocco.

The local stake was set at 51 per cent, while the Moroccan side held 49 per cent. The company targets investments in the two countries in various fields, including real estate, tourism, agriculture, trading, and oilfield services.

International expertise

The twin tower project is designed by Singapore's Surbana, and will be managed by Jacobs International of the US. Delivery is scheduled by October, 2010.

The project will add 408 hotel apartments and suites to Abu Dhabi's hospitality sector, as well as 229 flats to the housing sector.

"On completion, the management of the project will be granted to a reputed international operator through a special tender," Al Daheri said.

The company is also planning other projects in the UAE and Morocco.

This is the page for the project with red arrow

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^^Thanks, Mohmoh, looks like its had a re-design.

New proposal.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

"Targeting Gold or Platinum LEED Certification, the 1100' (335m) tall Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s new headquarters will become a landmark building in the United Arab Emirates and a symbol of ADNOC’s status as one of the most prominent oil and gas companies in the world. In addition to office space, this magnificent tower will include a Corniche Club, the Supreme Petroleum Council and Crisis Management Centre, the Heritage Museum and other supporting facilities.

CKC is responsible for the structural engineering of all horizontal framing systems. A hybrid beam/slab design including bonded post-tensioning, high-strength welded wire reinforcing, and reinforcing bar is being used"

Apparently the completion of this is 2014, so it will still be a few years until construction starts.


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^^Thanks, Mohmoh, looks like its had a re-design.

New proposal.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

"Targeting Gold or Platinum LEED Certification, the 1100' (335m) tall Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s new headquarters will become a landmark building in the United Arab Emirates and a symbol of ADNOC’s status as one of the most prominent oil and gas companies in the world. In addition to office space, this magnificent tower will include a Corniche Club, the Supreme Petroleum Council and Crisis Management Centre, the Heritage Museum and other supporting facilities.

CKC is responsible for the structural engineering of all horizontal framing systems. A hybrid beam/slab design including bonded post-tensioning, high-strength welded wire reinforcing, and reinforcing bar is being used"

Apparently the completion of this is 2014, so it will still be a few years until construction starts.

I dont think so ADAM2707 i was on my way 2 Marina Mall and i saw those huge machines for dragging they were 2 actually they started the foundation part to make a wall so that then they can make a huge hole in the middle to support these tall tower so 2 me i guess the completion date is early or Mid 2013

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Any body has the idea about the upcoming project called Artificial island, for ADCO in Al Dhabia??????

Aania answering your question is very easy my DAD works in ADCO he said that the company as usual operates onshore and in shallow coastal water of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi,so when they operate in the shallow waters they have to make an artificial island cause the rig cannot sit on a shallow water it needs something to make hold so they make the island to support the rig then they start pumping the oil from the ground as u know the rig is a very heavy structure and it needs something very strong to hold it tight the solution is the artificial island.

Hope you understand now
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