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The Regent Emirates Pearl, Abu Dhabi

Height | 255m
Floors | 47
Use | Hotel
Architect | Dennis Lems
Developer | Tourism Development and Investment company (TDIC)

Construction Status | Under Construction
Construction Start | 2008
Construction End | 2012

TDIC website

This Gulf-view resort will be a beacon of hospitality for Abu Dhabi and an iconic landmark of contemporary luxury. Being built in the city's fashionable Khalidiya area opposite the seven-star Emirates Palace Hotel, the resort - comprising a hotel and serviced apartments - will visually dominate the coastline with a 255 metre, 47 storey podium style tower.

Designed by award-winning Austrian architect Dennis Lems it will bring a new era of contemporary style to the capital. The hotel sits atop a 22 metre high, five-storey podium with a unique twisting glass exterior that will capture the imagination and grace the skyline.

The interior design is inspired by the sea, sand and pearl fishing heritage of Abu Dhabi, with a modern interpretation courtesy of leading UK design firm MKV Design Ltd.

A joint venture project between TDIC and the Atlas Group, one of the UAE’s leading multi-discipline companies, the resort is being constructed at a cost of AED 500 million (US $136 million).


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ACC awarded contract for US $237m Abu Dhabi hotel

by Matt Warnock on Nov 11, 2009

The Atlas Group, in a joint venture with Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC), has awarded the contract to build the Regent Emirates Pearl Hotel in Abu Dhabi to Arabian Construction Co by at an estimated value of AED 870 million (US $237m).

The property, designed by Australian architect Dennis Lems, sits on a 10,000m² plot and will consist of four podium levels in excess of 45 floors, 377 rooms and suites and 60 furnished apartments. ACC is scheduled to complete the work on the corniche hotel by 2012.

ACC chairman Ghassan Abdullah Merehbi described the contract as “an exciting project for ACC to be involved with as the development is set to become a landmark of the Abu Dhabi skyline.”


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Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel

PROGRAM: 5* Hotel (437 Keys)
BUA: 130.324sm / 1.402.796sf
HEIGHT: 255m
CC: AED 870M / $237.7M
YEAR: 2005 – ongoing
STATUS: Construction
STRUCTURE: RWT+, Wien – Abu Dhabi
MODEL: Schmid+Schmidt, Wien
RENDERING: Tarcsay, Wien / MISS3, Brno / Buchegger, Wien / Powerpixel Studio, Pula

The Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel is a player in the top league of business class hotels – a landmark project for Abu Dhabi. Being situated vis-à-vis the world renowned Emirates Palace together with its spacious and luxury interiors the hotel offers a unique combination of modern design and superior comfort.

View from main entrance of Emirates Palace Hotel by day and by dawn

The Regents Emirates Pearl Hotel is situated on the south west end of ‚the’ Coastal Boulevard called Corniche Road, with its direct opposite, the Emirates Palace Hotel. The tower is placed on a plot of land 170m long and 65m wide, with the south-end facing the bay of Khor al Bateen, with its characteristic island.

View of main entrance and from beach side

The three-storey podium is carried by a plinth. This ground-floor is totally glazed and contains public facilities such as reception, lounge, all-day dining. It forms a groove between the liquid black pre-cast concrete elements which clad the plinth and the streamlined form of the podium, clad in silver-grey fibre-C. A second groove is defined by the podium roof between the foot and the shaft of the skyscraper. It contains a juice pool bar as well as a terrace as well as Jacuzzis.

Elevation west and south (beachside)

Elevation east and north (landside)

To allow the very-very special guest a comfortable arrival or departure, a helipad is provided on the roof of the hotel which is an icon shaped as a pearl.

Schema of program

The elliptical core is enclosed by two hotel wings. They are circular segments that twist around the core as the shaft rises up to 215 m height.

Animation of rotation of tower floors

The twisting in combination with the circular segments is based on the concept „maximation and specification of the view“ in order to coexist with developments in the neighbourhood. Furthermore this creates a dynamic and fascinating three-dimensional appearance. Each hotel room has a balcony with balustrades of which are made of stripes of silver aluminium and glass. These balconies are the defining elements of the facade. Coated stripes of glass enable transparency as well as protection from the sun whereas the metal stripes exclusively function as sun shields – all together they form an important part of the concept for the interior climate.

Model pics

The finest restaurants selection is offering cuisine for the discerning guests. An exclusive ball room for 1000 guests forms another pearl of the hotel. It can cater for unforgettable events from weddings to company events up to design exhibitions and shows.
The health club containing a spa oasis, sauna worlds and a beauty farm up to a spacious fitness studio and gym complete the range of choice the hotel has to offer.

Interior Pearl Lounge

Structural concept

Information gathered from here:

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Progress Update April/2010:

• The project is on schedule and delivery is expected in the first quarter of

• Arabian Construction Company (ACC) has been appointed as the main
contractor for the project.

• The site office is in progress and will be operational in the second quarter
of 2010.

• Enabling and construction works, including piling, foundation-setting and
compaction, have been completed.

• Construction of two mock-up rooms has been completed.

• The project represents a total land area of 9,728 sqm and a total gross
floor area of 130,000 sqm.

• Water proofing and raft foundation are in progress.


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New :

It'll be too crowded in this area if you ask me. Also, once they close off the Ras Al Akhdar area for the Presidential Palace compound, it'll really be small. In that very small area you'll have the this hotel, the 5 Etihad Towers, and the Emirates Palace hotel, Al Qasr hotel, and the 4 buildings of the Khalidiya Place Rotana and Residences...and only one street in and out...too dense for what could have been such a beautiful area. Also - no views of the Arabian Gulf unless you are staying in a hotel.

Here's a very recent shot of the Pearl's enveloped by scaffolding.


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ABU DHABI // A hotel under construction along the south west end of the Corniche will put a twist on the concept of a room with a view.
With its distinctive 45-degree architectural curl and iconic pearl-shaped top, the landmark tower of the Regent Emirates Pearl Hotel has been designed to ensure each of the 377 rooms and 60 serviced apartments gets a unique outlook. The five-star beachside resort was inspired by the sand, sun and sea and will reflect the environment from which it will rise, says Dennis Lems Architects Associates, the Austrian architecture firm behind the design. We started with the classic hotel concept and added a new twist to it, literally," said Thomas Mayrhofer, the senior project architect for the hotel. "The origin was to transform the classic hotel concept into a new shape and putting the view as the central design premise." Situated opposite Emirates Palace Hotel, the 47-storey building faces the bay of Khor Al Bateen on one side and is due to open to guests at the end of next year.
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