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Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi

Height | Still unknown, but at 4m per floor they should be about the 260m & 208m mark plus the roof feature.
Floors | 65 & 52
Use | Hotel
Architect | WMZH
Developer | International Capital Trading

Construction Status | Under Construction
Construction Start | 2007
Construction End | 2011

Architects Site

The winner of an international design competition, this mixed-use project on a very prominent waterfront site on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche uses the evocative imagery of waves of sand and water to create an architectural statement that will establish the project as a premier retail, residential and hospitality address not only in Abu Dhabi, but in the entire Gulf region.

With over 3 million square feet of space the complex includes a 5 star, 350-room hotel, serviced apartments, loft apartments, office space and an up-market niche retail destination. While each element retains its own access, the synergy of mutually supportive uses has been maximized. Views towards the Gulf and the downtown skyline have played a determining role in the siting and orientation of the towers.

High Res


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Al Futtaim wins lift contracts worth $22 million

Sarah Blackman
July 29, 2010

Al Futtaim Engineering has won three contracts worth US $22.59 million (AED83 million) to supply Hitachi and LM lifts to real estate projects in the UAE.

The company will install 79 elevators and 12 escalators in the Nation Towers and the Investment Council Headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Al Hikma Tower project in Dubai.

“We are delighted to be partners in some of the biggest and prestigious real estate projects in the country. The three projects further endorse Al Futtaim Engineering’s core competencies as one of leading vertical transportation solution provider in the UAE,” said Al Futtaim Engineering managing director Dawood Ozair.

The 64-floor Nation Towers project will be supplied with 45 Hitachi elevator units and eight escalators. This mixed-use project includes a 350-room 5-star hotel, serviced apartments, loft apartments, office space and retail areas.

The project, which was awarded by Arabtec and National Projects & Construction (NPC), is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Meanwhile, Al Futtaim Carillion awarded the Investment Council HQ contract to the engineering company in April. The work, which includes installing 22 Hitachi elevators and four escalators, is set to be finished by mid 2011.

And, by October next year, the company will supply 12 high-speed elevators to the 61-storey Al Hikma Tower. The contract, which was awarded by China State Construction, was won in April this year.

The contract awards are the latest in a string of successes since Al Futtaim's Elevator Division was established in 1973, anticipating the trend for high-rise construction in the UAE. “We are at the high end of the market, involved with complex and demanding projects. Mostly elevators are custom-made for particular projects. We assist from the design and traffic-analysis stage, determining how many elevators are needed, and what capacity and speeds,” explains Elevators Division GM Syed Shamsul Haq.

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World's highest link bridge in Abu Dhabi

The Nation Towers' Skybridge is at 202.5 metres, 30 metres higher than Petronas Tower in Malaysia (SUPPLIED)

By Staff | Published Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Nation Towers' Skybridge in Abu Dhabi has become the world's highest link bridge at 202.5 metres, 30 metres higher than the Petronas Tower in Malaysia.

According to a report in 'Khaleej Times', the feat was achieved when International Capital Trading and its contractors National Projects and Construction (NPC) and Arabtec Construction, successfully lifted into place an enormous steel bridge section weighing more than 400 tonnes.

At the 50th and the 54th level, the sky bridge structure connects Nation Towers 1 and 2. The Nation Towers, a mixed-use development project covers a built-up area of 34,00,000 sqft

The installation of the bridge comprised three operations - assembly, lifting and positioning. Computer-controlled hydraulically operating lifting and sliding jacks were used to lift the massive section into place.
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