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ABUJA | The Nigeria Cultural Centre | Under Construction

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[info updated May 11, 2007]

Project Title: The Nigeria Cultural Centre / Millenium Tower)
Location: Abuja, Nigeria. The site is next to the National Mosque, along the National Assembly-Aso Rock axis.
Project Owners: Federal Govt. of Nigeria
Project Budget as at April 25, 2007: $ 550,000,000
Year Construction start: 2006
Design Consultants: Manfredi Nicoletti, Italy
Acoustic Consultants: XU-Acoustiques (Paris, France)
General Contractors: SALINI NIGERIA LTD.
Features (Main Building): Auditorium, Museum, Galleries, Cultural Centre, Hotel, Restaurants, Shops, Fitness Centre, Botanical Gardens.
Features (Millenium Tower): Observation Decks, 2 lifts, restaurant.


Nigeria Cultural Center and the "Millenium Tower" Construction underway...Clearly this is the project aspiring to become "the" landmark of Abuja, Nigeria's capital city. The site is adjacent to the national mosque. Notice that the main curtain wall facade is pointing towards Aso Rock so the view will be SPLENDID. This is a photo taken around May 2006 and shows a clearly massive effort taken by Salini to kickstart the project. It would be nice to see some more recent construction photos!

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Nice to se more Cultural Center Renders :cheers2:

Thanks a Million ZexyWorm:applause: :applause:

Is the Actual Milenium Tower The Structure shown in the First Render(Aerial View)

I can't wait for its completion
:pepper: :cucumber: :banana2: :carrot: :banana:
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Tbite, I believe that the original "Tower" title of the project is misleading. No evidence exists that the final, fully-defined project has a vertical high-rise component. I speculate (repeat "speculate") that the Govt. has come to it senses and abandoned a publically-funded corporate tower and instead opted for a more civic+cultural development. Possibly, the tower component (if it exists) would be financed by the private sector. This would be a much more sensible approach and is likely to receive less political fire from opponents and skeptics, especially in the media.
Notice that the Cultural Centre will have at least 10 floors plus the under-ground levels. No question, its scale is magnificent and the trussed glass roof is simply stunning!
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The initial articles though, said the The project "Millenium Tower" was designed as a Land Mark to be built in the Center of the city. The original articles also wrote about the Structure "Millenium Tower" being a 45 story edifice built like a "Blossoming Flower". If a change was made to the initial designs, wouldn't it have being made Public. This hints that the whole scheme is secretive. A price tag hasn't been released and If the design was changed, the Price Tag would either Increase or Decrease.

Anyways, I can't make any solid statements until further Information is released. :cheers2:
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Zexyworm, fantastic . Great work done!:banana: :)

However, I am not fond of its location, next to a mosque is not ideal for such a development!:eek:hno: The Abuja mosque is a momument itself and should be kept this way!

Moreover, the whole place needs some more greenery, urgently, it looks so uninviting!

Tbite, the price tag has been released, the Millinium Tower will cost $400 Million US Dollars! And for all I have read the number of floors are varying between 45-55 floors!
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Zexyworm, fantastic . Great work done!:banana: :)

However, I am not fond of its location, next to a mosque is not ideal for such a development!:eek:hno: The Abuja mosque is a momument itself and should be kept this way!

Moreover, the whole place needs some more greenery, urgently, it looks so uninviting!
It's a construction site, plus harmattan...But you're right, the FCTA should work harder to beautify these spaces especially around the National Mosque! About the location, I also think it's not ideal, but this photo is a bit misleading. The sense of depth is blurred :nuts: , and the actual distance to the mosque is no less than 200m i imagine...
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Excellent find zexyworm.

The building looks cool. And the site looks fine to me(except that there should be more greenery around).

Mathias: Do you have any renders of the 45-55 story building? Could you give us the sources where you have been reading this? and from what date are they?

IMO, if its called millennium tower its got to be a highrise. Also the amount looks OK to imagine a tower.
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constructions and spaces all over the area and most of them must have been filled up by now.
I would say its really far from the national Mosque but even if, the city needs a sense of a city centre, have you ever been to Abuja the place looks really scanty.... Besides in picture, the Sheraton hotel looks really close to the National mosque and so does the national church but they are quite far away!!
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Fitness center the size of a large theatre with a hotel . looks like infrastructure that supports the commonwealth games to me.

The theatre would probably be the weighlifting venue and the fitness centre would probably have the squash courts.

It amazes me the Planning and future vision someone has over this city.

The commonwealth games and the infrastructure going on the ground today only supports eventually hosting an olympics at some point.

With exit and entrance ramps for two highways boarding the arts centre you could not ask for a better location and planning
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.. and I believe that the "cutural" title of the project is misleading too. the museum compontent looks like a alibi-solution to get acess to public funds. to me this facility is an hotel with auditorium which offers shopping and recreation options.

i like the design and shape, the interior renders procure a modern and cool style, i mentioned before. but i still have the apprehension its an bit over-utilised facility.
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Omg Millinuem tower the the weird thingy beside the building, the tower thing, its the shape of a blossoming plant!!
It all makes sense now. The name of the Projects s Abuja Millenium Tower and Cutlural Centre (Putting emphasis on the Word "And").

The Cultural centre is the Irregular Pyramid Buidling, with the Hotel, Auditorium and Museum etc. Millenium Tower is the Structure behind it. The Tower is not a regular building, and is more of a Eiffel Tower type structure. It looks like a Plant blossoming, as Lepillippe Hinted. It will be as high as a 45 story building(It is not actuall divided into stories) So it'll be approximately 160 Metres. The whole Project will cost 53BN.

The Federal Government, he said, would contribute 40 per cent of the funds provision of which has been made in the 2005 and 2006 budget, while the remaining 60 per cent would come from the private sector.
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Are you implying that Millenium Tower is actually a mast-like monument?
Yes. All articles hint that it is not actually a regular building, but a symbolic tower, such as the Eiffel Tower, or the CN Tower. Also, all articles say that the structure is not the cultural centre but part of the cultural centre project. The Mast structure shown in one of the renders, fits the description, although the final result will most likely differ.

By the looks of it, there is also an Observation deck(Where the Projection Lasers will be located).
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I hope the end product doesnt look like this glorified GSM tower! The three tubes look ridiculous!
I hope the end product doesnt look like this glorified GSM tower! The three tubes look ridiculous!
100% agree with you! What a horrid perception!
It looks like a CN tower structure..
Abuja Millennium Tower in design change, gets N5b allocation
From Florence Oretade, (Abuja) (Guardian Newspaper)
FEDERAL Capital Territory Authorities have committed the sum of N5 billion for the construction of a multi-functional Cultural Centre and Millennium Tower for the nation's prime city.

The Federal Executive Council had last year approved the sum of N53 billion for the project, but an additional N5 billion has been earmarked for it in the FCT's 2007 budget. The approval is coming on the heels of a review of some of the project's design features, which has seen the elimination of the library section initially planned as one of the seven features within the mediatheque.

Although the library and the mediatheque were to extend over a surface of 3,550 square metres to accommodate over 300,000 books, the museum has now been extended in its place.

Apparently, the section was considered irrelevant with the ongoing construction of the national library a little distance away from the tower. Designed by Architect Manfredi Nicoletti, the building will be occupying space area of 70,000 square metres.

Nigeria Cultural Centre pyramid-like structure is 50 metres high designed in a wide glass and steel 150,000 metres cube comprising seven multi-storey buildings connected. Amongst the features are a museum, an auditorium, mediatheque, a botanical garden, an aquarium, a fitness centre, a hotel - the tower has two carriers in it that takes people to the restaurants on it as well to view the entire city in the capital.
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