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As I have over a few years posted information on these forums, for the most part they have been in good faith.

I do not post sensitive information which I am not allowed to post, but I do post rumours when I hear them, which are usually confirmed the following days in the news. At NO POINT have I demanded that anybody believe a single word or plans or image posted, so if you're really that offended, simply use the ignore list.

However, as of late it seems that when information I do post does not suit certain parties i.e. its not positive news, it somehow becomes a conspiracy or misleading or false. In most cases I can't post sources and will never do so if information has been sent to me as its not necessary.

So I repeat for the 72nd time. If there are documents, or e-mails which I have mentioned you would like to see, of information which you are uncertain about PLEASE PM ME, and I will share what I can, and exlucde sensitive information which I cannot share.

I DO NOT work in the construction or events or government departments/industries. I work in Actuarial, so any information SENT to me via a variety of contacts or information picked up through networking or meeting with friends, is posted here in good faith, as I have done pre World Cup and will do after World Cup.

Where I don't receive information in my Inbox, it simply takes an e-mail to the city, who usually respond within a day or 2 to confirm anything.

It's a bit shocking that I have even felt the need to open this thread, but I thought I would just clear up a few things.So in future an e-mail or PM or "meet in person" will allow for access to information

I think we have a very exciting period ahead for CT and in particular for South Africa & Durban bidding for the Games, which means hopefully sharing lots of renders, Olympic plans etc.

I have not reached a point where I would take all information to my blog, because information should be shared and freely available, especially its using your taxpayer money, but I'd hate for it to go that route.

Several people here have posted awesome stuff, whether its info or work on a new "Partnership" or images inside a stadium or renders or news from developers etc., so let's not question them when the information is inconvenient to us.

These forums are fun, let's keep it that way. Let's keep the alleged confidential documents coming.
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