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Accident: Allied Cargo B722 at Accra on Jun 2nd 2012, overran runway on landing

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An Allied Air Cargo Boeing 727-200 freighter on behalf of DHL Aviation Africa, registration 5N-BJN performing flight DHV-3 from Lagos (Nigeria) to Accra (Ghana) with 4 crew, was on approach to Kotoka International Airport but overran runway 21 upon landing and came to rest near the El Wak Sports Stadium at the Hajj village at about 19:10L (19:10Z) basically in one piece. The 4 crew were taken to a local hospital but remained unhurt. 12 people on the ground, 11 occupants of a Benz 207 Bus and a soldier riding a bike along the road, have been killed, a number of injured were taken to a hospital. The aircraft received substantial damage beyond repair, all gear collapsed, the right wing was damaged due to impact with the bus, the tail plane separated from the aircraft and the tail fractured including fractures of the pressure vessel.

Ground witnesses report the aircraft broke through the perimeter fence, went across a main road colliding with an occupied bus before coming to a stop. At the accident time there was a severe thunderstorm over the city.

Airport sources reported the aircraft had been landing on runway 21 touching half way down the runway resulting in the overrun.

The airline based in Lagos (Nigeria) operates 5 Boeing 727-200 freighters.

The airport confirmed an Allied Air Cargo Boeing 727-200 arriving from Lagos overran the end of runway 21 and collided with a mini van just after 19:00L. Despite the accident the airport remained operational, all flights are on schedule.

Ghana's Civil Aviation Authority reported the aircraft tail number 5N-BJN overran runway 21 while landing and collided with a vehicle moving along Giffard Road just south of the aerodrome's perimeter fence. All occupants of the vehicle were killed. All 4 crew remained unhurt.

Accra's Kotoka International Airport features a runway 03/21 of 3400 meters/11150 feet length.

Latest available METARs:
DGAA 021800Z 17005KT 9999 FEW016 SCT031 FEW030CB 27/24 Q1013 TEMPO 5000 -TSRA BKN010
DGAA 021700Z 19009KT 9999 FEW016 FEW030CB 28/24 Q1011 TEMPO 5000 -TSRA BKN010
DGAA 021600Z 19011KT 9999 FEW012 FEW030CB 28/24 Q1011 TEMPO TS
DGAA 021500Z 19014KT 9999 SCT016 FEW030CB 30/24 Q1010 TEMPO TS
DGAA 021400Z 18012KT 9999 SCT048 FEW030CB 30/24 Q1011 NOSIG

The separated tail plane and fractured tail section:

The nose section:

5N-BJN sitting past the runway end:

Detail Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):

Map (Graphics: AVH/Google Earth):

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