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Accra Mixed Use Development
Accra, Ghana
This mixed-use development at Accra is
comprised of 23 blocks of residential and
commercial program. These contiguous
blocks are developed to produce a
coherent, urban fabric that operates like
an expansive mat building. The
commercial streets are given the same
dimensional increment as L shaped
building units and voided courts lending
the district a geometric coherence. The
four unit distribution per block produces
streetscapes and courtyards that vary in
scale, cadence, and function. The public
life of the street circulates into and out
of the courtyards yielding vitality to the
spatially conceived, urban fabric.


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Is this real??? This is the rehabilitation of Korle Lagoon we've always dreamt about!!
.....true, but without the highrises...but then and again it looks just fine as long as there's controlled greenery rimming the lagoon.(parks) Should we really be excited about this though? I mean, is it worth it getting our hopes high and end up getting disappointed in the end? It's inevitable folks.

I really hope I'm proven wrong on this one.
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