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ACCRA | Alvanti Place | Proposed

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The development of a 14 - storey class “A” office property along the Independence Avenue, Accra comprising of about 30,000 square meters of* office space. A Development Agreement between the development partners has been signed and the project is at the design stage at the moment.

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I love these projects that's going in Accra but it should be all co-ordinated like a spiders web.
It's soo boring when highrise buildings are built like a solar planet. Each structure is built like a church house and stands alone. It takes away the beauty of the whole shape and structure of the area. Secondly it is a time waste where one has to walk maybe 8-10 min to access other offices as suppose to having them coordinated in the same vicinity.
What did you say again? The politics of appointing only GaAdangmes as AMA has to be pushed aside. Why? FYI Ghana is not Accra. And Accra is not Ghana. Even though i don't like the type of development going on in the capital city i wouldn't spew that kind of rubbish. Ghanaian leaders are generally not smart.I don't agree with you when you single out GaAdangmes. It's wrong.
I don't blame you cos we GaAdangmes have allowed ourselves to be irrelevant.
Anything higher than 14 will not get built under the current AMA boss. He lived so many years in the USA and when he was appointed I had hope that Accra would see a great change but I am now disappointed in him. The politic of appointing only Gas/Adangmes as AMA boss has to be pushed aside. We need a qualified man who has vision and is dedicated change to the benefit of the country.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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