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CJIC TOWER Hotel is open for business and office rental

CJIC TOWER is located in the Indian Ocean Street, Plot 12, South Legon, Accra, close to the Food and Drugs Authority and the National Identity Centre in Ghana. ) And other government agencies, it is about 3 minutes drive from Accra Mall, the capital's most prosperous shopping district, and about 5 minutes drive from Accra International Airport. The location is excellent and the transportation is convenient. The specific location is shown in the diagram:

The Zhongjiang International Building houses hotels and office buildings, with Chinese restaurants, meeting rooms and gymnasiums. Hotel standard rooms, deluxe single rooms and business suites, complete supporting facilities, equipped with air conditioning, free WiFi Internet access, cable Chinese TV channels, 24-hour hot water supply, welcome new and old friends to stay.

There are office buildings and some rooms in the building for long-term rental, furniture and supporting facilities are complete,

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