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Ga Mashie

Location Accra, Ghana

Size 7,026,673 ft2/ 652.800 m2

Client Millennium Cities Initiative, Columbia University

Awards AIANY Design Merit Award in Urban Design (2014)

In partnership with the Earth Institute led by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, the Millennium Cities Initiative, local authorities and partners, KPF has completed a successful pro-bono study over the past two years to develop housing prototypes and a concept for the neighborhood of Ga Mashie (James Town) and a master plan along a portion of Accra’s coast, stretching from Ga Mashie in the west and extending to the Parade Grounds to the east. The master plan also includes Korle Lagoon, the western edge of Ga Mashie, a once healthy lagoon that over the years has become a toxic dumping ground for the city’s municipal waste.

Ga Mashie, the historic center of Accra, has become an urban slum over the past several decades. The neighborhood is located on some of the most economically and socially valuable land in Accra. Occupying the area of Old Accra, Ga Mashie sits one kilometer from Accra’s financial center, the national law courts, cultural institutions and important civic places. It is less than 10 kilometers from the city’s international airport. New development in Ga Mashie is almost non-existent; yet the need for more housing, commercial space and basic infrastructure in the community is extremely pressing.

KPF’s scope of work in Ga Mashie is two-part: (1) design prototypical housing in the neighborhood of Ga Mashie; (2) develop a vision for coastal area adjacent to Ga Mashie

The program for the housing prototype includes: residential; commercial; and open space. The program for the master plan includes: residential, commercial (retail + office); historic building preservation (where appropriate); industrial/flex space; hotel; cultural/institutional; and open space.


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