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YEAR 2015:
COST: 80.000.000 EUROS

Our concept scheme for the GNPC new office
building in Accra incorporates the latest trends in
office design. In the "era" of the information as
main growth driver, the main objective in a
modern concept design for office buildings is to
provide a corporation with a headquarter where
communication between employees and
management and employees is easy and
immediate. All departments need to be in
connection and capable to deal together in order
to proceed successfully. Lacks in
communications cause large losses to
companies and corporations. This is why the
latest successful schemes in office design tend
to facilitate people relations and exchange of
information thanks to connections in between
the different departments, common space for
interactions, facilities for gathering and creating
strong feeling of group identity. The second
relevant element is space quality in relation to
the work environment and the occupant wealth.
This means work spaces implemented with
climatic control, indoor air quality, views towards
the outside and vegetation, plenty of open space
and natural daylighting. Our design keeps into
account these issues related with interior spaces
and conjugates it with sustainable solutions and
innovative design in the physical form. The result
is an "open" building where outdoor space and
vegetation are arranged to penetrate the building
envelope and maximize landscaping features and
pleasant views. In the form configuration the
first macro-concept that we consider is
orientation: we set the building main facades
with glass surfaces on the north-south
elevations. This is the optimum in order to
maximizing daylighting in the interior workspaces
while protecting accurately the glass surfaces
from strongest sun-radiation. Our strategy is to
provide outside views as much as possible while
protecting the building envelope exposed to
strong sun radiation. This includes the building
top surfaces. In order to do so we designed a
large "umbrella roof" to create a wide shading to
the whole building. As per building orientation we
got to divide the massing in two parallel blocks
in order to have 4 main facades with good
exposition. The two blocks represent the
hierarchy of the corporation where the two main
groups of functions are the "Operations" and
the"Administration". Each one is hosted in one of
the two blocks. The blocks are then connected
by a large lobby on the level +1 and "meeting
bridges" or flying over corridors. We conceived
these meeting bridges as common meeting
spaces that can be used by single Departments
or even shared by different Departments and
represent the point of junction of the whole
company between the Operations and the
Administration that includes the
Management. The position of the two building
blocks are switched so that on East and West
side of the plot we create a car driveway with
parking spots and a pedestrian plaza
respectively. The Entrance is set on the East
side and the position of the two building blocks
allows an extremely modern/monumental foyer,
covered by the overhanging roof and that
generates a spacial East-West axis through the
whole complex: is the "galleria". The galleria is
conceived to be the "communicational" corridor
that connect the whole workspaces of the
building and where the entrance lobby is located.
This lobby connect the two blocks at the ground
level and maximize circulation and distribution of
the workforce in the building. It is a centralized
point of control that increase security in the
building. Both car and pedestrian entrance to the
building are located on the East side by the
secondary road. This is in order to have a correct
circulation and driveway access in both ways and
a regular flow of users in and out the complex
without consequences on the city
traffic. Security checkpoint is also centralized on
the main gateway on the East side. The driveway
is arranged to allow car traffic in the complex
smoothly. A covered drop-on/off, proximity
parking spots and/or ramp down to the 3 stories
parking garage are the options. The rest of the
complex is car/free. This would minimize the
impact of driveway infrastructure such as asphalt
areas, roads on the complex and reduce the heat
island effect nearby the building. Clearly gained
outdoor areas are used for landscaping and
vegetation so implementing the beauty of the
whole construction. The building is 10 story high
above grade and has a 3 stories parking garage
below grade. The "Operations" block is
conceived as a monumental stone volume while
the "Admin" block is a transparent fluid-like-oil
volume which is connected to the "Operations"
throughout bridges at all floors. A large metal
flat roof is supported by the stone block and
covers both blocks in order to both create unity
and protect the complex by rain and extreme sun
radiation. On the West side of the complex there
is a pedestrian plaza for gathering and outdoor
lunch break. Moreover this is the area used for
outdoor the company kindergarden which is
located in the North/West wing of the
building. There is an Attic on the building with
outdoor roof garden. This is a facility for
marketing events or reserved parties and
meeting. Part of the Attic is covered and shaded
by the umbrella roof. Glass front on the South
elevation is fragmented so that each building
story is set as an individual element. This gives
the building a vibrant effect of complexity and
cooperation, innovation trends but strongly
dependent from the solid standing of the other
facades in stone panels with austere monumental
windows opening which represent the
established institution and its traditions. In the
indoor side we favored open spaces and double
heights in order to increase connectivity within
the company personnel and therefore exchange
of informations. We also alternate open spaces
and single office rooms. The social common
areas are widespread through all the building
and in part concentrated in the two stories
podium, including the conference hall and


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obeeme thanks for that. Well am a bit bothered as to y companies are mounting up their hq in 'airport city' I even feel this hq should have been in takoradi. The emphasis on a car is becoming too much

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very nice building and interior.. it helps reflect gnpc as a world class company.. i just hope we get our acts right and secure ghana's energy future and make enough revenue from the proceeds and develop the country
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