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ACCRA | Project Sunrise | 4* hotel | Proposed

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Use: Mix-use (office / hotel / retail / residential)
Location: Accra, Ghana
Size (square metres): 75,000
Laurus role: Master Plan Development Manager
Master Plan/Architect: MCA, Mario Cucinella Architetto, Italy
Local Architect: Constructs LLC, Ghana and Akuffo and Associates, Ghana
MEP/Infrastructural Engineers: BDSP, UK
Retail Consultant: DTZ, UK
Traffic Consultant: MIC, Milano, Italy
Environmental Consultants: BDSP, UK
Quantity Surveyors: SS&A Consults, Ghana and Davis Langdon, UK
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some more pics for you. I am under the impression that this project is now approved but not sure, there's still some thrashing out to be done amongst the investing partners tho. Features I can confirm in the design are:

Underground Parking, Greenstar or LEED certifications, a 4 or 5 star hotel, possibly a new roundabout on the Airport Bypass leading to Polo Club to allow left turns into the property and the Bypass being converted into a dual carriageway (gov't stuff, separate from the project)
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Also, the deal with the hotelier has already been secured. Knowing GH it may be a four positioned as a 5 star or maybe the real deal
Lets all try and introduce new project threads, whether propoed, U/C or completed, in the standard format; Project Sunrise | Accra | Proposed This should promote uniformity and bring order into the forum.
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Four star is pretty good. A Hyatt Place or the like, a Sheraton maybe? But what Ghana needs is large tourist/business hotels, like a 600 room Hilton or a 800 room Sheraton, not 200 rooms here and there in a Kempinsky or Moevenpick.

Apollojoe is correc
t, but the format should be ACCRA | Project Sunrise | Four-star hotel | Proposed. This is why we need a mod to edit the titles, because there's a very short title editing time on the forum.
You're right. That's the order I meant to put them in. Thanks for pointing that out.
You're right. That's the order I meant to put them in. Thanks for pointing that out.
its actually a mixed use project. the four star hotel would only occupy part of the project. the rest would be office and retail
Where is location of this project
tract of land between Liberation Road and the Airport Bypass. Very close to the Polo Club and Airport Police Station.
Project description
The Exchange is the development of a mixed-use project in Accra, the capital city of Ghana (the Project). The Project is being developed by Actis’s Africa Real Estate Fund 2, a fund controlled by Actis, a private equity firm that invests exclusively in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Project will be located on a 6.9 ha site sited directly adjacent to Liberation Road, the main arterial road connecting Accra to the airport.
In total the Project will consist of; i) 2 office buildings with gross building area of 16,500 m2
ii) a 200-room hotel with a conference centre;
iii) 14,400 m3 of retail space and;
iv) 4 residential towers. Basement parking will also be provided for the individual Project components.
The purpose will help to alleviate the supply gap of high quality office and retail space, as well as residential units and hotel rooms in Ghana.

The Project company’s ownership structure is as follows:
Narnett Limited





Total project cost and amount and nature of IFC's investment
The total project cost is estimated at US$ 255.5 million. The proposed IFC investment consists of a straight equity investment of up to US$10,000,000 in project company.
Location of project and description of site
The Project will be located on a greenfield 6.9 ha site sited directly adjacent to Liberation Road, the main arterial road connecting Accra to the airport. The site is situated within the urban area of Accra and has been previously cleared of indigenous vegetation and is largely barren, grassed or inhabited with alien shrubs.
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Ghanaians aspire to a desirable office and retail experience but are instead faced with a demand-supply imbalance; meanwhile international corporates hunt for quality office space in a convenient location. Anticipating these dual needs, Actis and its portfolio company Laurus Development Partners are creating The Exchange, a mixed-use urban development on a prime seven acre site near to Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport.
The Exchange, which will be developed in two phases, will incorporate office, residential and retail space and a four-star hotel. It will boast the first pedestrianised retail high street of its kind and its green design will use at least 30% less energy than its peers in Accra.

Actis is developing The Exchange in partnership with Mabani Holdings; the first phase is expected to be ready in 2016.
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Courtesy of MAPIC 2013

The Exchange Mall

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The Exchange Mall

Sorry is this the same project sunrise or a different project
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The "Project Sunrise" and "The Exchange" are the same project

and the pictures above are simply what Urban Designers or Architects call Massing (Which is not refined)

This is a refined render of the Exchange. So yes it is very much the same project.

Check the link. As it is stated there.

It is designed by HOK Architects

Check the link by the IFC (One of those funding the project)

and you can see they use both terms
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Oh thanks for posting the links.. Not it makes more sense
Courtesy of Actis

The Exchange

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