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Designed for the Qatar world cup and
subsequent potential Olympics, the
stadium resort has a life an community
of its own and will continue to be a
destination after hosting major sporting
and entertainment events. The stadium
resort could also be sited off the coast of
a developing nation whose infrastructure
would not normally be expected to
support such a project , the boost to the
local economy and the influx of a new
tourist trade would open up a number of
countries as contemporary destinations
for international sporting events and
activities. In respect of the Kente cloth
concept it is proposed that the second
site for the project would be off the
coast of Accra.
The notion of the stadium as a suburban
icon is re invented as an in continuous
use resort in constant use as a
destination and port of call for ocean
liners. The stadium is designed to make
use of suitable offshore sites where land
based stadia could not be supported. Its
secondary use as a port and
entertainment centre affords a
sustainable proposition and the project
itself could be sited in a multitude of
sites which would otherwise not be able
to economically support such a
The stadium is a self contained mini city,
with all the amenities which are
necessary for constant
inhabitation,including retail and
restaurant offers, the visiting yachts and
ocean liners regularly replenish it with
visitors, the secure location being a
welcome respite from European winters
The stadium resort comprises an Olympic
sized stadium, with integrated hotels,
apartments and event spaces. The
construction is based on the weave of
Kente cloth a traditional Ghanaian fabric
woven of strips of tightly woven cloth ,
the most frequent pattern being a
diamond shape .The strips are then sown
together to form a continuous fabric
sheet, if sewn together intermittently
the fabric when stiffened forms a
structure not unlike that of muscle
The project utilises much of the
technology used in the Palms Dubai
project, creating an artificial island and
tidal marina. Coral frame. The resulting
structural frame is redolent of coral , a
permeable exoskeletal structure inspired
by Brunel’s Taymar bridge.
The main connecting bridge house
maglev shuttles, and service road, for
visitors and spectators, its form
resembles a tube at its centre but is in
reality the same ribbon wall that
stabilises the stadium and provides the
terraced meandering park which on two
sides of the stadium take you up to the
aerial park. Permanent residents living in
the apartments make use of electric cars
to navigate the site.
Each tier of the two structural skins
which create the bridges and envelope
the stadium contains a roadway to the
apartment level and meandering park
which finally reaches the roof level of
the stadium, the heavily shaded garden
areas adjacent to the apartments
provide the light to this inner world . At
the roof level of the aerial park the
landscape is divided by an elliptical
photovoltaic sun farm and a continuous
roof-light which illuminates the curving
cathedral space below which lies
between the stadium and its encircling
apartments, hotels and retail offer. This
space offers a controlled environment,
for leisure and events, whilst the
stadium itself , in line with many new
stadia can be transformed into
everything from race track to urban
park, dependant on the activity
programme envisaged.
Users and local benefit
The residents of the development will
comprise high income individuals and
those wanting an exclusive vacation with
access to world class sport and
The Stadium resort will provide
employment and training at the highest
level, in hospitality and event
management to the local community.
The new skills provided would further
help to develop the local market, and it
is expected that this in turn would lead
to further economic development as the
economy grew in response to the needs
of its new
Desalination Plant, the development is
supported by its own desalination plant
which will produce a surplus for use on
the mainland. The resulting procedure
will assist in the creation of micro
climatic production.


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Do you reckon this will happen??
I remember the Qatari's saying that after the World Cup they will dismantle their stadiums and sell them, but didn't know if they meant it.
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