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David Eastman's conviction has been quashed and he will walk free from prison after serving more than 19 years of a life sentence.
But the prospect of a retrial for the 1989 murder of ACT police chief Colin Stanley Winchester will hang over Eastman's head.
The ACT Supreme Court on Friday ordered Eastman face a new trial over the assassination.
The spotlight is now on the Director of Public Prosecutions, who has the ultimate say over whether Eastman will be hauled back before court for a second trial...

Mafia 'certainly' killed AFP assistant commissioner Colin Winchester
A LEADING Italian anti-mafia prosecutor says he is convinced that the Calabrian mafia murdered Australian Federal Police assistant commissioner Colin Winchester in 1989, and says he welcomes a new inquiry into claims that the man jailed for the murder was wrongly convicted. Vincenzo Macri, former deputy chief of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate in Italy, said he believed Winchester was "certainly" murdered by the Calabrian organised crime group known as the 'Ndrangheta, adding that he based his belief mainly on Australian police sources...

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