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Hey, did everyone miss this? New mega-office for Barton. Link to map and floor plan:

From the Crimes (NB. I assume the building time is a misprint - this is big but it's not the pyramids)

$500m govt office block planned for Barton site
7/06/2008 9:28:00 AM
A massive Commonwealth Government office development is planned for Barton, near the historic York Park North Oak Plantation.

Worth more than $500million, the offices will have more floor space than the recently completed Australian Taxation Office in Civic, which is about 60,000sqm.

On a 3.2ha car park site fronting State Circle, four- and six-storey buildings are proposed, providing 90,000sqm of office space.

It will have basement parking for 760 cars and 300 bikes.

Construction is expected to begin at the earliest next year and will take 212 years to complete.

Colliers International ACT chief executive Paul Powderly said the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and Arts would occupy 38,000-40,000sqm of space, leaving another 20,000sqm vacant and the remainder for car parking.

The Department of Finance and Deregulation said it was in preliminary discussions with several Australian Government agencies regarding potential accommodation.

Under the previous Howard government, the Commonwealth leased its buildings from the private sector.

However, delivery and ownership of this building is yet to be determined. It may be sold to a private owner before or after construction and leased to the Commonwealth, or it could be retained as a Government-owned building.

Mr Powderly said there was talk within Government circles that it would be centralising decision-making on government accommodation, but at this stage it was all conjecture.

''They are cutting the public service, [but] to establish a coordinated internal property group you would need to recruit people,'' Mr Powderly said.

''This Government will be more likely to do things in their own properties, which is not uncommon.

''Every new government says they are going to do this.''

The ACT Property Council said by building and managing accommodation, the private sector saved Commonwealth departments from being locked into long-term occupancies and gave them flexibility to upgrade as needed. The Department of Finance and Administration sought an assessment for developing a larger site in 2004, encompassing the weed-infested oak plantation, which would have been destroyed.

This was withdrawn and the Commonwealth transferred management of the plantation, now called York Park to the National Capital Authority, which has upgraded the 1.7ha site into urban parkland.

Mr Powderly said Canberra had enjoyed a tremendous construction boom with new offices committed to government departments and there had long been expectations of a higher vacancy rate in 2009. But this building would not likely come on to the market before 2012 at the earliest.

If the economy continued to grow from the resources boom it would be interesting to see if the Government continued restraining public sector growth.

Mr Powderly said, ''That's the $60million question in six to eight months' time who knows where the public service will be?''

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212 years?, wow, thats a dedicated government.
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