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UPDATE!! (slightly adjusted from other sources in DEST)

There is a pic of the artists impression of the building and its location but I have forgot how to add these in here. :nuts:


The Developer of the site is Walker Corporation who will subcontract the building’s construction to various other companies and sub-contractors. Once the building has been completed, DEST will lease it from Walker Corporation for 15 years (with an option for an additional 5 years).

Walker Corporation is an Australian owned, award winning developer of master-planned residential communities, retail, commercial and industrial developments throughout Australia and also in Europe and North America.

This new DEST National Office building will be Walker Corporation’s first venture in the ACT and their objective is to provide DEST with a building which will be a unique, state of the art showcase of appropriate environmental design and management practices.


The new building will be L-shaped and have:

12 floors (including the ground floor)
3 basement levels
10 lifts, including 1 dedicated goods lift
a licensed café at ground floor
an open terrace on the southern end of the 6th floor
undercover parking for
418 motor vehicles,
175 bicycles and
14 motorcycles
male and female shower blocks on the ground floor, each with 10 showers, toilets and 100 lockers in each on the ground floor.

What ‘green credentials’ will the new DEST National Office have?

Walker Corporation has committed to constructing this building to achieve a 4.5 ABGR rating and a 5 Star Green Star rating. Some of the factors which will contribute to this highly desirable outcome include:

the building’s high thermal mass will take advantage of thermal cooling;
window shading will reduce radiant heat and control glare;
the building will have good views and maximum natural light;
roof and wall insulation will be optimised;
high efficiency chillers and boilers;
low energy light fittings and occupant sensing light controls;
low flow, sensor operated tapware and fittings will be installed;
waterless urinals will be installed;
rain water retention tanks; and
grey water will be recycled for toilet flushing.

Approximate Construction Schedule

Walker Corporation lodged an application with the ACT Planning and Land Authority early in September for permission to start preparing the site for building. The development application appeared in the Development/Building Applications section of the Canberra Times on Monday, 17 September inviting public comment.

It will be a large building with just under 40,000 square metres of office space. It will take about 2½ years before it will finally be ready for DEST to move in.

One of the first things to see will be the construction of a secure perimeter (hoarding) in preparation for excavating the site. The Developer will begin digging and excavating the three basement levels in January 2008. After this is completed, pouring the slabs will begin.

Concrete pouring will progress continually from about late Feb '08 (?) and it is hoped by about the end of April next year, it will have progressed to about the 2nd floor level.

This is just a quick thumbnail description of how things are likely to progress


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The ground floor will incorporate essential elements such as a major entrance foyer, security post, a café and a dedicated mail room, leaving around 1,300m2 of available space for other amenity.

Having considered the options for using the remaining available space, the key issue is how 'child care' would be facilitated. Some DEST staff had indicated “on-site” childcare would be of benefit.

If staff are able to access child care places in a nearby, off-site facility DEST will use the remaining ground floor space for a range of other uses. These may include centralised secure and non-secure conference facilities, a gym/exercise facility, and a theatrette which would seat around 130-150 staff.

Space would also be available for a family care facility for staff with alternative caring responsibilities, with amenities for nursing mothers and space which can be used by staff for family members (parents, siblings, and children). It is also possible that space would be available to include an integrated library as part of this family care facility.

If child care was not included in the new building, DEST will, as a matter of priority, progress options to assist staff to access child care and dependent care. This will be done in consultation with DEST’s Strategic Consultation Committee.

If DEST takes the pathway of providing on-site child care in the new building, a facility offering 70 places will take up 1,000m2 or three quarters of the remaining 1,300m2. The balance of 300m2 would be sufficient space to provide some limited meeting facilities or an exercise/gym facility. If this approach is taken DEST needs to forgo a theatrette and non-secure meeting space, as these can not be accommodated on other floors of the building; DEST would also lose 30 car parks.

The Accommodation Committee has recommended that, consistent with the views of staff, we should proceed with the option to secure off-site child care facilities. I have agreed with this recommendation.

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With the announcement of the new ministries, what thought has been given to the new building and who that will house or will it be sold?

Until we have had time to sit down with our colleagues to consider the accommodation arrangements for the new department, it is not possible to say who might occupy the new building. What we can confirm however is that the Department is committed to leasing the new building.

How long will it take to resolve the accommodation arrangements once we know the revised Administrative Arrangement Orders?

At this stage it is difficult to say how long it will take. We appreciate the importance of having suitable accommodation arrangements and will be working as quickly as possible to resolve any issues. Like all the issues that need to be addressed as a result of the changes, we will ensure staff are kept informed as things become clearer.

DEEWR now has about 7,000 people; DEST was just over 3.4k or so.
SO - If the NEW building is committed to DEEWR for completion/rental - the NEW additions to DEEWR would (you would think) need to be located in "close by" accomodation - EG: new land development near ACT Law Courts Carpark on London Circuit - BUT nothing is deffinite as yet...

PS: old 'rumours' of a DEWR HQ on this Law Courts Carpark site were quashed by a record public auction sale of same in Dec '07 to the developers responsible for the recent Farrell Place Eco-friendly additions...


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No sign of 'perimiter' fences for commencement of basement excavations as yet. :bash:

This NEW 'Super' Department - DEST + DEWR = DEEWR (minus science) has all but doubled in size (personnel) after KEV07.
But the 'new' half will not be accommodated in the 'Meetingplace' development - so the search continues for them to also find ONE home near the main 'hive' before 2010!

Meanwhile thanks to ANU redevelopment nearby, daytime parking will continue to dry up for those not 'blessed' with basement access.


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Well the dig is striking canberra limestone - so mite take a little extra time to reach the third basement floor level??

as for a colour - basic dark-grey-blue glass from ground to roof. there is a artists impression floting around - but i forgot how to get things likethat in here :bash:

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