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His name, Oscar Casares, more than a brand, it’s already considered a myth that echoes into the fourth corners of the world. From New York to Paris, from Sidney to Madrid, women bear the eternal possession of his own creations.

Casares, is also, a talented costume and fashion designer who had designed for theatre, stage and film.

What explains it it’s the fidelity of a savoir-faire from which his hands are bulwark of gala dresses that combines the sense of the artistic construction to the romantic dream.

The artisanal work can be recognized by the structured cut, the profusion of details, the inlaid precious, the invisible seams and the lace and silk frames. Those are still creations that make us vibrate with luxury.

With it, he run out of its classic reserve and minimalist demoed, to adventure himself into a modernity which its allied to the tradition, the heritage and to the thorough liveliness of ancient cultures that ennoble every country in the world.

Passionate for the theater, he draws and executes la haute-couture like it is about the pictographic composition. Pieces of art, which the public applaud and admire when they appear like shining stars, lightened by the reality which provides worthy dreams of Veronese or Botticelli.

33-year-old Oscar Casares has been painting professionally since he was 13. His paintings are in exhibitions all over the world and it includes official portraits of its Holiness the Pope John Paul II and Nicole Kidman. Kidman’s portrait it’s in her possession.

This year it’s going to be the Red Carpet of the Oscars, the stage, in which will shine some of the most recent creations of Oscar Casares.
The 83rd Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2011. The ceremony will be telecast live from the historic Kodak Theatre in Hollywood on ABC.

The artist presented some of his creations to some Hollywood actresses from which he got a lot of recognition and interest. We can also remember you of the dress created to Nicole Kidman in 2007, from which the actress got stunned and from which she also got painted by him in what would become the most famous portrait of herself.

Oscar was also recognized for his work as a costume designer by the artist Pepa Carrilho - Vice-President of the ATC, Madrid.
The evaluation of that task was made by her who said that:
"Watching Oscar’s work is like having an arm-chair on the front row of a wonderful opera or watching the super cinematographic production with a historical countenance, giving us the privilege to fit his work in the most sophisticated environment of Modern Life"

It seems that forward people give more credit to Oscar than the people from its own country. That can be noticed by comparing the recognition he has abroad with the recognition he has in his own country (Portugal).:applause::applause::applause:
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