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Adana / Turkey

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Adana - Turkey / the 5th largest

Estimate population is 2,000,000

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in the last photo you can see Adana is very yummy:) here some info about adana kebab...

Adana Kebab or Adana Kebabı in Turkish is a charcoal grilled minced meat mounted on a wide skewer. It is named after Adana, the fourth largest city of Turkey, in the Mediterranean region. It is originally known as kıyma kebabı (minced meat kebab) or simply as kıyma in Adana. However, when its fame reached Istanbul, it was popularly renamed after its place of origin.

The original Adana Kebab is made from ground lamb meat cleaned of its silver-skin and mixed with fat from lamb tail. Ideally the meat is hand chopped but often you will find it machine ground -single time, mixed with fat in a proportion of one to five. Only salt and dried red pepper flakes (sweet or hot according to desire) are added to the meat. Red bell pepper can be hand chopped into very small pieces and be used instead of dried red pepper flakes. 100 or 150 grams of meat is mounted on a special skewer which is about 3 feet long (80-90 cm) and about an inch wide (2.0-2.5 cm). Then it is grilled on a hot charcoal.

During the grilling the fat melts and burns on the charcoal. The fire is not allowed to reach the meat; otherwise it leaves black smoke on the meat. The dripping fat is usually removed by a piece of fresh Pide (also known as berberi) bread or lavash bread.

After the meat turns red/brown it is pulled off the skewer on pide or lavash bread slices and is served with onion salad with sumac, barbequed tomato quarters and green peppers on a large white plate. On separate plates, parsley, mint, and a salad of choice are served. Lemon (in the past, more often, citrus) juice is used to provide a sour taste to cut through the high fat consistency of the meal.

Usually ayran (yogurt drink) or şalgam (turnip juice) is served as a drink with it. However, Raki (anise based Turkish hard liquor drink) is another good beverage on the side. An alternative is to serve it as a roll (dűrűm also known as sokum): the meat and the vegetables are rolled in a pide bread. This is more of a fast food type of serving although the vegetables and meat are all prepared fresh.

Hearty appetite:colgate:
Great city, has potential for huge development! :)

Thanks for the pics, max. ;)
Nice pics!!! What happened with that boats? Beautiful city!
Nice pics!!! What happened with that boats? Beautiful city!
which boats ? :)
Adana has got the biggest mosque in turkey
The Dome has got a diameter of 32m (Hagia Sophia 31,22m9 and its 54m above ground (Hagia Sophia 55,5m)

The minarets are 99m tall
1 - 20 of 80 Posts
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