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ADDIS ABABA Projects & Construction Thread

In this thread, projects from all over Addis will be showcased. If you have participated in the East African/West African/Central African/Southern African/Nothern African Development Fact Files in the General Africa section...well, this will work exactly the same way.

I think its a good idea to turn this into a thread solely dedicated to

1.) projects in Addis (these can be roads, buldings, factories, etc.) , as well as such things that affect them, for example
  • updated pictures
  • their completion status
  • funding issues
  • construction issues
  • change in design or even cancellation
2.) additionally, posting links to projects in Addis that already have threads in this section is a good idea so we can have them access to them all in once place. for example:

link to: ADDIS ABABA | Mexico Square Development Tower | Proposed

I will post most of the links to these projects in the following post and everyone can add on as the thread goes on. After you start a thread for a new project in Addis just come in here and post a link to it so it is easy to find.

  1. Projects for anyplace outside of Addis can be posted in new threads as usual.
  2. Projects in Addis can have seperate threads as well as being posted in here.

*Links to projects in Addis Ababa*: Updated: 11/2019

ADDIS ABABA | Commercial Bank of Ethiopia HQ | Office | 42 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Mexico Square Development Tower | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Sunshine's Mega Projects | $1.4billion | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | AU Conference Hall | 99m | $150million | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Addis Ababa Exhibition Center | Mixed Use | 35 F / 12 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Goffa Mazzoria Interchange | Br 200million | Proposed

KALITY, Addis Ababa | Lifan Motors assembly plant | Operational

ADDIS ABABA | Piazza | Mixed Use | U/C/

MEGENAGNA, Addis Ababa | Revenue, Customs Authority HQ | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Lideta District Revitalization | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Referral Hospital | 240 beds | €15million | 4 F x5 | Approved

ADDIS ABABA | Abyssinia Bank Tower | 40 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | New Hotel / Buildings In Merkato | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Africa International Trade Centre | Proposal

ADDIS ABABA | PVC Window Frames Factory [China, Ethiopia Joint Venture] | Complete

ADDIS ABABA | Mela Ethiopia SC Hospital | Design Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Radisson Blu Hotel | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) expansion | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | 200 apartment buildings? | Cancelled

MEGENAGNA, Addis Ababa | Access Real Estate | U/C

MEXICO SQUARE, Addis Ababa | BH Car Assembly | New plant

ADDIS ABABA | Jemo Condominium Site | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Africa International Trade Centre | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Sheraton Expansion, Sarah Residential Development | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Hotel & housing from Qatar company | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA - NAZARETH | Six-lane expressway | $612million | Completed

ATKILT TERA, Addis Ababa | Redevelopment | Proposed

BOLE Airport, Addis Ababa | Aviation Fuel Depot | National Oil Company |Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Chuan Hui International Hotel | Hotel | 58 F | Approved

Addis Ababa | Grand Ghion 5 and 4 star hotel | Expansion proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Ethiopian Airlines HQ | Approved

ADDIS ABABA | American Embassy in Ethiopia to be the largest in Africa | Completed

ADDIS ABABA (CBD) | NIB Bank HQ | Land clearance

ADDIS ABEBA | Nani Building | 22 F | Complete

ADDIS ABEBA | National Museum of Natural History | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Urban Redevelopment/City Plans Upgrades | Proposal/Planning

ADDIS ABABA | Hyundai Auto Assembly Plant | Proposal/Planning

ADDIS ABABA | Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hq | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | LG TV Assembly Plant | ETB 35 million | Completed

PIAZZA, Addis Ababa | United Insurance HQ | G + 12 | Design chosen

ADDIS ABABA | Hope University College | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Meskel Square redevelopment | Proposed

TEWODROS SQUARE, Addis Ababa | NICE Insurance HQ | 140 million Birr | U/C

BOLE, Addis Ababa | Rosetta Metro Plaza | 16 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | New Federal Parliament Building | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Zquala Commercial Center | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Ayat: Addis' first planned suburb | Phase I Completed

ADDIS ABABA | African Union Grand Hotel | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | The new twin towers of Dembel City Center | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Federal Police Comission HQ | 10 F | Completed


ADDIS ABABA | Africa Capacity Building Institute | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Tele-Medicine center | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Lideta Mercato Mall | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Maritime Transit Services Enterprise HQ | 15 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Future HQ of EEPCO | 34 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Habesha Construction Development | Proposed and U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Wegagen Bank HQ | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Oya Investment Real Estate Development | 10 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | ETG Designers & Consultants Real Estate Dev. | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Information Network Security Agency (INSA) HQ | 13-17 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Greenview Real Estate Dev. | Proposed

BOLE, Addis Ababa | Bole Metro Place | 12 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | ORDA HQ | 20 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | ACME engineering & Sisay Shimelese buildings | 8 F&10 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | 4-Star Hotel | 10 F | Planned

ADDIS ABABA | Joy Real Estate & GetAs Real Estate Apartments | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Grand Lewis Hotel | Proposed

BOLE, Addis Ababa | ALEX Building | 10 F | Completed

BOLE, Addis Ababa | City Plaza | 10 F | Completed

ARAT KILO & WOLLO SEFER, Addis Ababa | Redevelopment | Proposed

MEKANISA, Addis Ababa | YOTEK Real Estate | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Noah Samara Hotel | 10 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Building, Conference Center, and School (Noah Samara) | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Midroc City Center Development | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Millennium Hotel | 12F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Millennium Hall | Renovation | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Fisseha Abay Hotel |U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Yemreha Spa, DOS Architects | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | AAWSA Sibilu and Gerbi Dams | 8Billion birr |under study and construction to begin

ADDIS ABABA | Zemen Bank HQ 30-storey | Planned

ADDIS ABABA | Nile Insurance Company HQ | 22 Storey | Planned

ADDIS ABABA, HAWASSA | Awash Bank Branches | Designs Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Hyatt (formerly Novotel & Ibis) | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Addis Ababa Light Rail Project | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Addis Ababa Bole Road project | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Zefmesh Mall | Proposal

ADDIS ABABA | Access Resort hotel (Old Imperial hotel upgrade) | Planning

ADDIS ABABA | Tracon Building | Completed

PIAZZA, Addis Ababa | Country Tower Electronics Mall | 6F | Completed

ADDIS ABABA (CMC) | Theme Park & Recreation | Proposed

PIAZZA, Addis Ababa | Asham Business Plc. | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | AU Peace & Security building | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | TDA Office | 11 F | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Ethiopian Airlines 4-Star Hotel | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Marriott Executive Apartments & Courtyard by Marriott | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | IT park project | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Stadium | Approved

KIRKOS, Addis Abeba | MULU Promise Plaza & Village| Tech Park | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | United Bank HQ | 30 F | Approved

ADDIS ABABA | Tigat Shopping Center | 10 Floors| Approved

ADDIS ABABA | Meles Zenawi International Centre (fmr. Chuan Hui Hotel) | 448m | 99 floors | Proposal

ADDIS ABABA | Sebastopol Entertainment Cinema | Planned

ADDIS ABABA | ODA Towers | 12 fl | U/C (?)

ADDIS ABABA | Evangelical Theological College | 33m | 10F | Approved

ADDIS ABABA | Capital Hotel and Spa | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Ethiopian Catholic University of St. Thomas Aquinas | Proposed

PEACOCK PARK, Addis Ababa | Addis Ababa Zoo Project | Proposal

ADDIS ABABA | Kenenisa hotel | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | National Insurance Company HQ | 40 F | Competition

ADDIS ABABA | Samson Hotel | 9 F | 90 Rooms | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Holiday Inn | 14 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Best Western Plus Hotel | 160 Rooms | U/C

BOLE, Addis Ababa | Ramada Hotel | 136 Rooms | U/C

Addis Abeba Unpaved roads redevelopment | Ongoing

ADDIS ABABA | Second Generation Housing Development Project | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Sanka Multimedia Center | Proposed

CBD, Addis Ababa | Red Cross HQ | 17fl | Approved

LIDETA, Addis Ababa | Crowne Plaza Addis | 11 F | U/C

YEKA, Addis Ababa | Sky View Hotel | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | I HAVE DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!! (Jacques' Apartment) | Proposal

ADDIS ABABA | BRT System | Planning

ADDIS ABABA | Ring Road | Partial Completion, U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Sport Academy | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | National Theater Building | Approved

BOLE MEDHANIALEM, Addis Ababa | Saro Maria Hotel | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Tsehay Real Estate | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Oromia International Bank Headquarters | Planned

ADDIS ABABA | Ethio Telecom HQ | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Human Origin Museum | Approved

ADDIS ABABA | Bole Lemi Industrial Zone | U/C

BOLE, Addis Ababa | Addis Ababa Bole International Airport | Expansion and discussion

ADDIS ABABA | Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Headquarters | 48 F | U/C

GOTERA, Addis Ababa | Royal Garden Real Estate | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | National Stadium | Land Clearing

CMC, Addis Ababa | Ethiopian Airlines Employee Housing | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Buna Building | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Best Western Noah (Noah Samara) Hotel | 10 F | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Cooperative Bank of Oromia| U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Novotel City Centre | 11 F | U/C

AFRICA AVENUE, Addis Ababa | Sheraton Four Points Hotel | 25F | U/C

KAZANCHIS, Addis Ababa | Elilly Hotel | Completed

ADDIS ABABA | Moevenpick Hotel | 13 F | U/C

CMC, Addis Ababa | Addis/Africa International Convention & Exhibition Center | U/C

BOLE, Addis Ababa | Royal Tulip Hotel | G+12 | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Oromia Insurance Company S.C. | Proposed

CHURCHILL, Addis Ababa | Leghar Hotel by Serdur Group | U/C

PEACOCK PARK, Addis Ababa | Addis Ababa Zoo Project | U/C

PIASSA, Addis Ababa | Adwa Museum | U/C

KAZANCHIS, Addis Ababa | Residential | Crau Real Estate Group | Proposed

AFRICAN UNION, Addis Ababa | Residential| By Crau Real Estate Group | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Noah Sky Gate | 14F | T/O

OLD AIRPORT, Addis Ababa | Ethio-China Road|Residential | By Crau Real Estate Group | Proposed

LEGAHAR, Addis Ababa | Noah Real Estate 4 G+36 Office Tower | U/C

KERA, Addis Ababa | Kera Epicenter | High-Density Mixed Used Project | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | La Gare Eagle Hills project | Proposed

ADDIS ABABA | Ethiopian Standards Agency Training Center | 11k sq.m | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Sheger River Rehabilitation Project | U/C

LIDETA, Addis Ababa | Lideta Twin Towers|26 Floors | U/C

ADDIS ABABA | Amhara Credit & Saving Institution HQ | 36 Storeys | U/C

ENTOTO, Addis Ababa | Meles Zenawi Memorial Park | U/C

GOTERA, Addis Ababa | CCCC and AACA JV Housing Project | Proposal

MEXICO SQ, Addis Ababa | Awash Bank New HQ | 50 storeys | Proposed

MEXICO SQ, Addis Ababa | Debrework Shopping Center | G+32F | U/C

*list will be updated as time goes by

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UNESCO Cluster Office to Djibouti and Ethiopia

Location: Addis Ababa
Size: about 5 floors
Use: Office


Drug Administration & Control (Toxicology,Laboratory and Office building)

Location: Addis Ababa
Size: 7-8 floors
Use: Office, Lab


Vocational Private College

Location: Addis Ababa
Size: B+G+11 floors
Use: College, mixed use

St.Paul’s Hospital Maternity & Pediatrics Center

: Addis Ababa
Size: 10 floors
Use: Hospital


All pics are clickable

Nice projects. What we desperatly need is quality hospitals. Which ones are under construction?

I heard an interview saying that UNESCO had moved into their new building, it also lists 'new buiilding' on their website as their address. So I think that may be completed.

The Drug Administration Control building says 60% completed on the construction company's website, but the website hasnt been updated in a long time, and I am not sure but I remember that building being inagurated not long ago (I maybe wrong tho).

The other two I dont have much information about.

[Edit:] And you are right Yonii, we definitely need more quality hospitals, and some existing hospitals needs new medical equipment and a new buildings desperately. More staff is also needed, volunteers and help with cleaning and upkeeping of the facilities.

There is an interview in CapitalEthiopia where Black Lion is said to be ready to build new facilities and upgrade alot of their buildings.

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Good projects.

Is it UNESCO or UNICEF that's moving into the yellowish building in the Kazanchis cluster of buildings? I guess it's UNICEF if UNESCO is building something.

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Here are some originally posted by Ahadu in the Addis thread. Not sure how to format the post since I have no info on the projects. Maybe Ahadu can step in on this?

And one in Tigray (maybe we should start a thread for projects outside Addis)


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A few more that I'd posted in the Easter Africa development thread. Most are either u/c or approved (location fenced in already). The one I don't know about is the KK Tower and a condo building.

Location: Churchill Ave, across from Lycee and Tikur Anbessa high schools - Addis Ababa
Floors: about 13
Use: Tracon Eng. HQ

Location: Ambassador, across from where CBE HQ is to be built.
Floors: About 18
Use: Red Cross HQ and retail

Location: Kazanchis, next to Intercontinental Addis
Floors: 14-15
Use: Residential
Pics of the interior:

Location: unknown
Floors: 8
Use: Residential

Location: Kazanchis
Floors: 8
Use: Residential

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Location: Unknown
Floors: 8
Use: Residential?
It could be an alternative angle of the last condo in the previous post.

Location: Unknown
Floors: ~20-25
Use: Office

Location: Unknown
Floors: 10
Use: Multipurpose (Spa, Gym, etc)

Location: Unknown
Floors: 7
Use: Hotel Casablanca

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Location: Megenagna
Floors: 7
Use: Office, CBE Megenagna Branch

Location: Bole, in front of Flamingo
Floors: 11
Use: Mixed (Top floors residential, lower floors commercial and office)

Location: Behind Beharawi Theater and Awash Bank HQ
Floors: 15
Use: Maritime Transit Services Enterprise HQ

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nice posts abesha. Alot of those got missed when the East African thread was shut.

I guess we could make this the Addis Ababa projects thread. And if you want you can start up other threads for other areas of the country. Cities, Regions, etc.

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Shopping Center in Merkato

Location: Addis Ababa/ Merkato
Use: Retail, Commerce, Business
Size: N/A
Status: N/A


Meridian Hotel Apartments Addis Ababa

Location: Addis Ababa
Use: Hotel
Size: 2 x 5storey
Status: N/A


Physiotherapy Clinic & Spa - Filwoha Addis Ababa

Location: Addis Ababa/Filwoha
Use: Spa
Size: ~5 storey
Status: N/A

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I have no info on the status of these projects, so let's assume they are proposals. From Ethioarchitects.

Location: CMC
Floors: ?
Use: United Printers office

Location: ?
Floors: 10
Use: Dashen Plastics HQ

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I forgot to post this a while back. I saw the area fenced in by the Ring Road around Imperial Hotel a couple of months ago.

Name: Beza Convention Center
Location: around Imperial Hotel
Floors: around 9-10
Status: approved, don't think construction has started

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Yeah it was a guess. It's a faith organization, some type of worship place. I don't care though, I just like the building.

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Hey guys, just discovered these architects. We can start new threads for each project, but since I have no details on them I didn't think it was necessary.


Wegagen Bank HQ (supposedly the newly-redesigned one)
Stadium Area
2B+G+13 mixed use building Complex.
Addis Ababa ( Wegagen Bank head quarters, infront of Stadium, Near by Lalibella restaurant. Design Completed)
- I'm a bit confused because Wegagen Bank says on their website that it's 20-stories tall and news articles state it's 22 stories :dunno:

2. Remember this one?

I don't know what it is, but it's currently u/c.

3. This one is u/c by the airport

Ethiopian Airports Enterprise HQ
Bole Airport

4. Hotel

In front of Eubbelyu
(whatever that means)

5. Hotel in Mekelle

6. Hotel in Addis

ETG Designers -

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More from them -


St. Paul Millennium Medical College


College in Hawassa


Vocational College
Old Airport


Oromia Agricultural Research Institute
Addis Ababa

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Al Medina Shopping Center


Nigat Birhan Shopping Center
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