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Adelaide, South Australia

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hello, I dont see my city on here too much, so its time to post some of my photos. Most were taken earlier this year when it was a bit warmer. Its winter now so its cold.

Adelaide is slightly different from most other Australian cities as it feels a bit more English. Its home to about 1.12 million people

these old trams (1920s) only come out on weekends

more to follow
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last lot for today. I'll post some more over next few days

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Adelaide city is really very nice, and indeed we dont see many threads here about this city; thanks a lot :eek:kay:
Thanks for the photos! The buildings have great architecture. :cheers:
Very nice bright pictures and some of that architecture is beautiful, some of which wouldn't look out of place in the UK at all! A nice clean diverse city by the looks of it, thanks for these photos. :)
Never seen a thread about Adelaide here before. Very nice pictures. Lot of different and old buildings. Didn't expect the roman style buildings. Keep them coming :eek:kay:
Adelaide looks like the Boston of Australia.

(that's a severe compliment, BTW).

Great pics.
Beautiful city and beautiful pics. Thanks!
thankyou everyone for your comments :cheers::cheers:

here's some more

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Beautful City.
beautiful city. Lovely old buildings. The street cars add a special touch to it.
It looks so pleasant! are there lots of bums like sydney or not?
It looks so pleasant! are there lots of bums like sydney or not?
Yeah Sydney is always an eye-opener with all the bums hanging around with their cardboard signs. I think they're attracted there due to its size.

The Bums in Adelaide generally don't beg, they mostly go though street bins for cans and bottles for recycling (10 cents each). You see them walking around with shopping trolleys and garbage bags full of em. The council turns a blind eye as long as they don't make a mess.

Very nice work eastadl. Keep em coming. :)
Lovely city!! The old buildings are gorgeous!!

thanks for the wonderful photos ;)
Ahhh Adelaide the city of Churches what a beautiful Australian city, keep them up.
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