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[COMPLETED] Champions Court (Woodlands)

26 Feb 09

THE Housing Board on Thursday launched Champions Court, a Build-To-Order project in Woodlands. It comprises 815 flats, of which 224 are studio apartments.
About 50 per cent of the flats in Champions Court are studio apartments and three-room flats, which the HDB said were part of the government's commitment to provide a greater supply of smaller flats this year.

The studio apartments will come with elderly-friendly features such as grab bars and non-slip flooring, in addition to a built-in wardrobe, and built-in kitchen cabinets with cooker hood and stove.

HDB said the flats are priced below their equivalent market prices to ensure that they are affordable for first-time flat buyers. The price of a three-room flat starts from $118,000, and five-room flats from $247,000.

Applications for the new flats can be submitted online from Feb 26 to March 11.

Champions Court is situated at the junction of Champions Way and Woodlands Avenue 1.
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sell smaller so can charge higher psf???? follow developers pricing strategy....
Court? Tennis? Badminton? Champion?

Does anyone else find the name very... cheesy? Like.. something out of the 1970s.
Champions Way was originally called Woodlands something something and was renamed such for the sports school.
Nice! You took this from the corridor on Blk 507?

@redstone before Champions Way, the road was simply Woodlands Dr 15.
Nice! You took this from the corridor on Blk 507?
^^ Great pics! Thanks for the updates as usual. :)
^^ Great pics! Thanks for the updates as usual. :)
I will update more pics
Taken on today(4/21/2011)

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This project has TOP. I'll try to go and take some photos this weekend. :)
^^ I guess with these developments, it is matter of time before the Simpang station happens. It could be another name. Thanks for the info. :)

Building a Happy Community
Khaw Boon Wan August 3, 2013

For several months, a group of like-minded planners, architects and stakeholders have been working tirelessly on an exciting project in Woodlands, next to the Admiralty MRT Station.

They are seized with a mission to build an integrated complex which can provide a wide range of services to the local residents, with great convenience in mind. Within the complex, there will be studio apartments, medical centre, childcare facility, seniors’ activity centre, hawker centre, shops, and many watering holes for the residents to meet and bond.

As these services will be provided by diverse agencies, strong coordination among them is a major success factor. Fortunately, the agencies are like-minded, united by a common purpose to make the life of their users even better.

Our objective is to create a modern urban kampong within a busy city – one that can pull people together and create a strong sense of community, familiarity and identity.

This one-stop hub, which HDB and MOH are developing in partnership with MSF, NEA, Alexandra Health System, and Early Childhood Development Agency, promises something for everyone. Conveniently located next to the Admiralty MRT station, it integrates dining and retail outlets, social and healthcare facilities, Studio Apartments, and community spaces, all under one roof. Residents will be able to enjoy greater convenience and accessibility, as a result of the synergy derived from housing various related facilities and services in one integrated development.

The design also incorporates many opportunities for the young and old, families and friends, to mingle and bond over events, thus fostering a more caring and vibrant community. For example, residents can look forward to a large plaza where community activities can be organised. Well landscaped sky decks provide a quiet space for neighbours to relax and to meet up. The child care centre will be located next to the senior care centre, encouraging the elderly and the young to mingle and interact.

When I was in Bilbao, Spain to chair the World Cities Summit Mayors Forum, I visited a similar integrated development there, the Alhóndiga Bilbao. In fact the Forum was held in the complex which also houses a public library, a sports complex, many shops and dining spaces. Originally a wine warehouse built in 1909, it was later “emptied out” and renovated to become a very successful multi-use public space serving the community.

This project in Woodlands can be as successful as Bilbao’s Alhóndiga.

I am optimistic as I am struck by the level of like-mindedness among the inter-agency stakeholders. The design has reflected the tireless effort to develop not a disparate but an integrated development that gels together. I can’t wait to see it being brought to life.

Meanwhile, we will keep on exploring and piloting new ideas so that all our housing estates will become endearing places where our residents truly feel at home.
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Same news from CNA.

New integrated development to be built in Woodlands
POSTED: 03 Aug 2013 4:33 PM

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan has announced plans for a new integrated development in Woodlands. The new development is the first of its kind and is purposefully designed as a convenient one-stop hub with wide-ranging facilities, to cater to the diverse needs of the community.

SINGAPORE: National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan has announced plans for a new integrated development in Woodlands.

The new development is the first of its kind and is purposefully designed as a convenient one-stop hub with wide-ranging facilities, to cater to the diverse needs of the community.

Located next to Admiralty MRT station, the development will comprise facilities such as shops, a new-generation hawker centre, a childcare centre, two studio apartment blocks with a senior activity centre, as well as healthcare services such as a medical centre and senior care centre.

A joint statement from the National Development and Health Ministries said the seamless delivery of social and healthcare services is a key planning and design consideration of the integrated development.

The aim is to provide residents with easy access to these services.

There will be a medical centre that will provide outpatient clinic consultation and diagnostic service.

The centre will place a strong emphasis on community health outreach activities, to help patients manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems, and encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle through patient education and activities.

To further support the needs of elderly residents, there will be an integrated senior care centre providing both health and social care services, which would enable those with multiple needs to age in place within an environment that they are familiar with.

A range of services such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy services, day care services and nursing care services will be available, giving family caregivers an option with peace of mind to leave their loved ones in the centre's care during the day when they are at work.

The two studio apartment blocks in the development will feature some 100 apartments specially designed with active seniors in mind.

Residents will have one-stop convenience of shopping, dining, and senior-related services at their doorstep while ageing in place.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Ministry of Health (MOH), in partnership with Alexandra Health System, National Environment Agency, Early Childhood Development Agency and Ministry of Social and Family Development, are involved in the project.

The development will also feature community spaces where residents of all ages can come together to pursue their interests or participate in activities.

These spaces include a community farm and herb garden where residents can bond over gardening.

Beyond the amenities, residents can also look forward to a greener town.

The overall landscape design will provide shade for residents to enjoy outdoor recreational activities.

Construction works are slated to begin in 2014 and are estimated to complete in about three years.

- CNA/xq
source: CNA
That is such a refreshing take on the concept of community center.
They should also focus on physical activities for the young, an alternative
to trawling the malls which we already have too many of, one is just like
the other, repeating the same formulae again & again.
The first 2 levels will be restaurants, supermarket hawker centre, shops and a town plaza, so it will be pretty much an open atrium and naturally ventilated like the covered plaza at the Toa Payoh HDB Hub. The medical centre sits above, with an elevated roof garden, my guess is that the roof garden is directly above the town plaza.
News from CNA.

Woodlands “modern kampung” to foster greater community bonding
By Olivia Siong
POSTED: 26 Apr 2014 18:41
UPDATED: 26 Apr 2014 23:12

Residents in Woodlands are on their way to having a "modern kampung" in their neighbourhood as part of a vision to foster greater community bonding.

Artist's impression of "Kampung Admiralty", a new integrated development located next to Admiralty MRT station. (Photo: HDB)

SINGAPORE: Residents in Woodlands are on their way to having a "modern kampung" in their neighbourhood.

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan on Saturday officiated the groundbreaking ceremony for the new integrated development in Woodlands, which he also described as the Housing and Development Board's (HDB) version of a retirement village.

Named "Kampung Admiralty", it is part of a vision to foster greater community bonding among residents, as well as reignite the kampung spirit of yesteryear.

The development will be zoned into three tiers, and is touted to be a one-stop hub.

The bottom tier will feature retail shops and a community plaza, while the mid-tier will have a hawker centre with 50 cooked food stalls and about 900 seats.

A two-level medical centre that is the size of 100 four-room flats will also provide outpatient clinic consultation, day surgery, rehabilitation and diagnostic services.

The public can access these services after getting a referral from primary healthcare providers.

The top-tier will have two blocks of studio apartments comprising 100 elderly-friendly units. They will go on sale in July this year as part of HDB's Build-to-Order exercise.

The units will have new features such as a retractable indoor and outdoor clothes drying system and an induction stove.

Mr Khaw said: "In MND (Ministry of National Development), we are determined to help make families who want to stay together achieve their aspiration and the studio apartments upstairs, when completed, will be able to fulfil this mission.

“So in a way, this project is our version of what people have been talking about -- retirement village. This will be HDB's retirement kampung. We think it will be successful; we can then replicate it in other parts of the HDB towns."

Also on the top-tier are eldercare facilities and a childcare centre.

The eldercare facilities will provide both health and social care services which can support the needs of approximately 100 seniors per day.

The childcare centre will offer 200 childcare places, and provide full-day care, half-day care or flexi-care services for pre-school children, as well as a community park.

Sharon Tay, 50, who has been living in Woodlands for 17 years, said: "Our population is ageing so I think… it's good to have all these facilities."

Nikki Tay, a 34-year-old admin manager with two children living in Woodlands, said: "This area, the nearest hospital would be Khoo Teck Puat, so if there's another new medical centre, then anyone living nearby would benefit."

Kahbir Ramli, 19-year-old student and Woodlands resident for 10 years, said: "I can just… buy food from the hawker centre -- it's easier for me because the MRT is here."

To optimise land use, the project's basement will also have a car park and a more secure place for cyclists to park their bikes.

Many cyclists in the area currently park their bicycles in open areas. But when the new development is ready, they will have the additional option of parking their bicycles underground using a mechanical bicycle storage system.

The system will be able to hold about 500 bicycles and is a first in Singapore.

Construction work for the development is set to commence later this year.

- CNA/gn
source: CNA
Kampung Admiralty

Some pictures I took of the site today.

2014-04-27-01 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-04-27-02 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-04-27-03 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-04-27-04 by Mith252-1, on Flickr
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Kampung Admiralty

Some pictures I took of the site today.

2014-07-19-01 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-07-19-02 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-07-19-03 by Mith252-1, on Flickr

2014-07-19-04 by Mith252-1, on Flickr
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