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Adobe mosques of Mali

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Within the range of African art there is little consideration for architecture. In the first place, this is a consequence of the non-durability of the used materials, such as adobe. However, the continent developed some remarkable and long-lasting styles. African architecture is a living architecture. As the word is passed on in oral cultures, the essential features of these building styles are handed over from generation to generation throughout the centuries.

Among the finest architectural expressions in Africa are the adobe mosques of Mali. The introduction of modern construction methods and materials contains a serious threat to the continuity of this style, which needs permanent care. The thousands of small village mosques are the living tissue of this ancient and eco-friendly architecture.
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Djenne mosque

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Diombougou mosque

Sirifila mosque

Baney mosque
Goudiouguil mosque

Gagalati mosque

Bougouni mosque
Sarafere mosque

Soumanbozo mosque

Koyam mosque
Mindie mosque

Aouaki mosque
Tambeni mosque

Koroboro mosque

Margou mosque
Dialigui mosque

Keremotogo mosque

Wango mosque
Endé mosque
Djenné mosque
Kani-Kombolé mosque
Mali, mosques of Dougouba & Niona, 1989
Mali, Mosque of Dougouba, 1989
The mosque at San
Kani-Kombolé mosque
Teli Mosque
These traditional mud-built Mosques are a beautiful and typically Malian sight. Every year in October or November, after the mud surface has been washed thin during the rainy season, the local community will gather at the Mosque to mix fresh mud. They will then plaster the mud all over the outside, renewing and re-sealing the surfaces for the year ahead. The wooden struts protruding from the walls are built in, not for structural reasons, but to provide footholds so that people can climb all over the Mosque whilst resurfacing it with mud.

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Mopti mosque
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