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Aerial São Paulo - A weekend of sun and one of the most remote places on the planet

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Bikinis, or deserted beaches? The south coast of São Paulo is marked by very busy beach, thousands of tourists every weekend, largest port in Latin America, but also the largest reserve of atlantic forest on the planet!

Unspoiled regions, the miles and miles from any road and others that attract thousands of tourists every weekend. You are looking for tranquility, or parties?

Let's start by Santos, 50 minutes from São Paulo.

This is Santos city, famous for soccer king Pelé

5º HDI in Brazil

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This is the port of Santos, the largest in Latin America! Incredibly pass through it 25% of Brazilian economy

The nearby St. Vincent is the oldest city in Brazil and established the first parliament of the Americas.

An hour separating the bustling city beaches of the metropolis in the mountains.

Guarujá is the main beach destination of paulistanos(São Paulo inhabitants) and is divided between exclusive beaches millionaire, slums and urban beaches surrounded the buildings.

Southern Beaches

Incredibly close the third largest metropolis in the world, this is the most remote region of Brazil! Within the parks no buildings beyond small research centers, the reserve area extends miles inland from the beaches. It is the largest reserve of Atlantic forest in the world!

Interestingly the second oldest city in Brazil is in this region, but the largest population of the coastal area does not reach 30 thousand.

There are parks with over 50 kilometers of unspoiled beaches, other with 34 km followed by preserved beachfront area

Accessible only by sea or hours walk, no roads, no hotels or city.

The region is exactly equal to the first Portuguese encountered 500 years ago

Little research center

The trip ends here in São Paulo southern border :)

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