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Aerial tramways / cableways in Greece

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Which aerial tramways / cableways ( also for goods transport of mines) do exist in Greece? Please post pictures and technical data.
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Santorini Cable Car / Τελεφερικ Σαντορίνης

Established in 1979 by ship owner Evangelos Nomikos, it connects the town and capital of the island, Fira with the old port which lies right beneath the Caldera hills. Due to the hilly formation of the island, the old port had restricted access for passengers who had to climb about 220 meters to the town of Fira. Donkey rides continue to be a great alternative to the Cable Car. The foundation approaches donkey riders with sympathy and compensation, paying them a percentage of the ticket price in order to help this tradition to survive :)

Capacity: 1,200 people per hour (600 per hour in each direction).
Altitude: 220 meters
Journey time: 3 minutes
Cost: 140 million drachmas
Completed: 1982

sources: Wikipedia ,
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