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Afi Mountain & Animal Sanctuary

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In 2000, the Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary was created out of the Afi River Forest Reserve specifically for the purpose of Cross River gorilla conservation. The sanctuary is currently managed by the Cross River State Forestry Commission with support from a partnership of conservation NGOs including WCS, Fauna and Flora International (FFI), Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF), and Pandrillus. Afi contains one of the largest remaining forest blocks outside of the Cross River National Park. On the western flank of the mountain is a large grassland roost of European barn swallows reputed to be one of the largets in Africa, at times containing up to 20 million birds.
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It's animals conservation. There seems to be concentration of chimps and gorrilas in the place than other animals.
Where this place located in Nigeria?
Cross River State, near Obudu Ranch.
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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