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A $6.5 million
project to face-lift the Aflao border to
international standards by July this year
has taken off.
The African Development Bank (ADB) is
funding the project being executed by
Geo-China Engineering Corporation
International, Mr Rex Edekor, the Resident
Engineer, told the GNA. The project would
transform the 500 meters stretch from the
main Aflao public car terminal to the
frontier into a dual carriage.
The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is
also engaged in completing offices,
residential flats and sentry towers
abandoned at the border since 1975. Mr.
Edekor said works at the border include
180 maximum capacity paved-car parks,
about 300 capacity resting rooms for
transit drivers, an axle-load weighing
bridge and its control room.
Others are new asphalt and concrete
surfaced link roads to the car parks and
residential blocks, new arrival and last
Check Point office buildings. Mr. Edekor
said six different places of convenience for
travelers and potters, each to sit four
people would also be provided.
He said the project would also involve the
repair and expansion of existing drainage
network, provide sentry posts and a
“Welcome and Goodbye Ark.” Mr. Edekor,
who conducted the GNA round the
projects said to be about 60% complete,
and added the border would be
transformed after its completion..
“Its soggy and dusty nature during the
rainy and dry seasons will be no more,
congestion, sanitation, security and goods
examination and general operations of
personnel will be greatly enhanced”, he
said. Mr. Kuao Anyimiah, Aflao Sector
Commander in charge of Customs Division,
(GRA), described the project as a “dream
come true.”
He said the project would boost Ghana’s
image raise morale among personnel,
improve revenue collection while travelers
will also feel at ease. Mr. Anyimiah said his
outfit will work hard to justify the
investments involved.
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