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The Africa Lake development, ideally situated on the busy corner of Burma Camp Bypass and Labadi Beach Bypass in Accra, Ghana, has been earmarked for a mixed use retail, office and residential node by the land use commission of Ghana. Legacy Development Management is proposing to enhance the potential of the Labadi area by developing Africa Lake.
1. Recreational

Cycle walking and running paths
Tennis courts
Large swimming pool for exclusive use of residents and health club members.
A gymnasium, health club and spa.
Lake edge to be utilized for outdoor concerts, community events.
Lake to be used for small boats and bird life
2. Residential

121 residential sites of 270m² are planned, creating a cohesive community identity with dedicated vehicular security access control.
Pedestrian linkages to lake, landscaped recreational areas and the main commercial centre forms part of the master plan.
The design of the residential units would allow single or double sites to be purchased allowing 270/540m² site areas.

3. Retail

The development conforms to a traditional retail configuration with a
centralized parking concept. Linkage to restaurant facilities, cafes andbars would have direct overview of the lake via outdoor terraces. The retail node would offer the following facilities:

Supporting facilities to retail node:

Clinic and medical suites situated on the first floor above the restaurants.
Gymnasium, health club, beauty spa situated on the first level with direct access to tennis courts and swimming pool and lake edge recreational facilities (running track)

5. Events Centre:

Situated within the parking area will be capable of carrying a flexible roof, providing for a myriad of activities to be accommodated.

6. Offices

Completing the lake edge two office components of three floors each complete the commercial edge to the multi-use complex.
These facilities could incorporate banks and supporting facilities planned on the upper office levels.
Overlooking the lake these offices are targeted at creating a lifestyle of benefiting from a mixed use concept.

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My question are these, why so separate swimming pools and as well the lake? What function will the lake provide, just water sports, fountain works? Where will the maintenance come from? Will there be enough sports to support it? And judging by scale, that's pretty large. There surely must be some very innovative means to prop up activities that can sustain it.
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