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I would like to know what people from abroad think of this site as a possible Olympic Park. Its currently called the Greenpoint Common, i'm not sure if the area is being planned for this i simply would like to know what many think of this area and whether a few more venues could be added to a possible olympic stadium as the area is not very large, and certainly not the size of the Sydney Olympic Park, it is located near to V&A Waterfront a top tourist destination, the 5 star Table Bay Hotel and a stones throw away from the city centre:

It is not currently accesilbe via rail or underground transport but it is possible to make a link from the main cape town train station, which would be 2 mins if not less from the city centre:

Simply post your opinions, the idea would be for the current stadium to be upgraded and feature as an athletic centre with the parking lot area around it to be used for other training facilities for athletes, the golf course area to feature as the Olympic Vilage and the remaining area would be for other facilities e,g, a main indoor arena or dome and an aquatic centre with a tennis centre as well depending on available space.

I think this area is amazingly beautiful and offers spectacular views, and would only add to the major tourist attraction to the waterfront area as well as robben island, which would stage archery during a possible olympic games.

More information and images to follow
So, 1. is this site a good one for an Olympic Park
2. It is acknowledged that only a few main venues would comfortably fit this area, i.e. the main olympic stadium, athletic centre, olympic village, main indoor arena and aquatic centre,
3. any opinions regarding this site.

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