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African Tourist Attractions

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african continent is famous for its blends of unique sites and cultures. why not post what we've got!!
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entrance to the shrine of goddess of fertility-oshogbo,osun state-nigeria

shrine to the goddess of fertility

Bronze wall on the outside of the shrine which is located in the Sacred Forest-oshogbo,osun state

sculpture at the shrine

"Unity, Openness, Guidance, Good Heart" represented by the statue's features-oshogbo,osun state.
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Olumo Rock found in Abeokuta,ogun state -nigeria

Climbing to the top of Olumo Rock

in these ancient city,storey buildings was so common then.
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jakiri sacred rock,dass,bauchi state-nigeria
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ancient anglican church in calabar,cross river state-nigeria

tomb of marry slessor in calabar

former home now museum in calabar

Devils Elbow on the winding road to Obudu Ranch cross river state.

Gondola to Obudu Ranch

Helipad near President's residence.


Swimming pool at lower Gondola station.



Swinging bridge in Nature Sanctuary at Obudu Ranch.

golden girl in calabar

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Oba of Benin's Palace.. I have some pics but I lost em.. Ill start search, it has the Queen of Benin!!

No its not Kenya, Nigera for real!!

Farin Ruwa Nasarrawa State..

I love the golden sands!!
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How come nigeria dont have wild lifes like kenya and south africa does.
How come nigeria dont have wild lifes like kenya and south africa does.
It is said that some animals eg. the giraffe used to roam over the entire continent. Then climatic change occured, the Sahara desert began to expand and most wildlife ceased to roam much of north Africa (in this case Northern Nigeria.)

Also East and Southern Africa have vast expanses of savannah grasslands and woodlands in which most of Africas large mammals seem to thrive in. Nigeria may have less of these savannah grasslands as I think the south of the country is quite heavily settled by people (Farms,oil mining activities and cities).
Wonderful Old Gate of Emir in Kano

Kano Mosque

Wase Rock located some 216 kilometers South-East of Jos in Wase Town is a beautiful, massive dome-shaped inselberg and stands at a staggering height 450 meters. According to available records, it is one of the only five breeding places for the Rossy (White pelican birds in Africa). The government now protects about 321 acres of land around the rock as a bird sanctuary and for wildlife development.

Wikki Springs in Yankari Game Reserve

you see how crystal-clear the water is...

Africa´s longest cable car which was completely around 1-2 years back

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sun city is so nice,great statues of animals...elephant in particular!
Tinapa is no match for SunCity, I love it!!
Tinapa is no match for SunCity, I love it!!
let them arrive!..i mean abuja,calabar,lagos,ect.:cheers:
Tinapa is no match for SunCity, I love it!!
let them arrive!..i mean abuja,calabar,porthacourt,lagos,etc.:cheers:

No its not Kenya, Nigera for real!!
For real ?!!! Which national park in Nigeria hosts that ??? Very spectacular.

I think I've seen Wikki spring in Travel& Living channel ( Globe Trekker ?? ) , but I didn't know that it's inside Yankari ! :)
Here's a selection of some of South Africa's most popular tourist attractions. South Africa was recently voted as the worlds most scenic country and the 5th best tourist destination in the world in the Conde Naste Travel Awards!

Drakensberg Mountain Range

Cape Winelands

Cape Point (where Atlantic & Indian oceans meet)

Flowers of Namaqualand

Union Buildings, Pretoria

Whale watching, Hermanus

St Lucia Wetlands, Zululand

V&A Waterfront, Cape Town

Table Mountain

Ushaka Marine Theme Park, Durban

Durban Beachfront

Blyde River Canyon

Kruger National Park
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The temple in the Sacred Forest,osogbo,Nigeria
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