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This site is Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (Uzbekistan)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources (Uzbek: Qishlоq vа suv хo'jаligi vаzirligi) is a government agency in Uzbekistan which monitors regulations on water and agriculture in the country, oversees developments on regional water and resources management, and with the Ministries of Economy and Finance, manages the development of agricultural markets.

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“Tashkentskiy Traktorniy Zavod” JSC is unique tractor manufacturer in Central Asia region.

The plant was founded in 1942 for military products manufacture – bombs, mines, shells and mortar rockets. In 1942 the plant was restructured for peaceful product manufacture – the equipment for food industry. 1950 is the year of adopting of production of cotton-cleaning products: cotton gins, linters, “БЧ” drum-type cleaners and different types of cotton driers.
In 1956 the plant started production of tractor trailers with wooden sides for bulk transportation of cotton. In 1959 the serial production of them had started.
1960 – 1961 are the years of adopting of manufacturing of spare parts for “GAZ-51” automobile: crankshafts, camshafts, gears etc. Also in these years started the serial production of 2PTS-4-793 trailers.
Complex mechanization of cotton growing in Uzbekistan explore the necessity of creation of cotton-growing modification of tractor. In 1969 started the adoption of production of “T28X4” tractors and spare parts for them. In January 1970 the first serial “T28X4” tractor had been passed from main conveyer of “Tashkentskiy Traktorniy Zavod”.
Tashkent tractor successfully operated at cotton fields of India, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Sudan and other countries.
In 1977 the plant in cooperation with “Minsk Tractor Plant” adopted the production of “MTZ-80X” tractors.
Continuing own expansion and reconstruction, “TTZ” started building of foundry plant, the plant for manufacturing trailers with expanded volume of body in Asaka town Andijan region. In 1982 implanted robotized sections for improvement of working conditions of workers.
Become an independence Republic of Uzbekistan, development of market relations in economy had put new objects for tractor manufacturers.
In 1993 was adopted the production of 4-wheel 60-80 hp tractor. In 1997 started the production of 100 hp tractors.
In order to perfect the management of the production and arrangement of necessary conditions for support agricultural production by modern tractors in October of 1996 the State Joint-Stock Company (SJSC) “TTZ” was formed.
The cofounder of the company are the State, represented by Goskomimushestvo, Uzpromstroybank, Uzselhozmashlizing JSC, work collective of “TTZ” and others.
During visiting “TTZ” SJSC in 2008 the President of Uzbekistan Mr. Islam Karimov set the prime object for “TTZ” SJSC: full satisfaction of needs of agricultural production by tractors and trailers, which are responded to all requirements of advanced technology.
Due to governmental support, the following were developed and step-by-step introduced: The Program of foundation of production of localized components of “Case” universal tractors, meant to 2004; The Program of technical re-equipment and forming of new working places, which allow to reach high level of quality of produced technics.
In 2004 by decision of stockholders, “TTZ” SJSC was reorganized to “TTZ” OJSC.
During years of independence, the plant designed and adopted the production of new, original models of modern tractors and trailers for agricultural complex of the country.
On this moment “TTZ” serially produce 4 models and 7 modified tractors, 2 modified tractor trailers:
- TTZ80.10 tractor – universal tractor (80 hp engine power)
- TTZ80.11 tractor – cotton-growing tractor (80 hp engine power)
- TTZ60.10 tractor – universal tractor (60 hp engine power)
- TTZ60.11 tractor – cotton-growing tractor (60 hp engine power)
- TTZ100.10 tractor – universal tractor (100 hp engine power)
- TTZ100.11 tractor – cotton-growing tractor (100 hp engine power)
- TTZ-82P tractor – universal 4-wheel drive tractor (80 hp engine power, produced by customer order)
- 2PTS-793A-03A tractor trailer with expanded volume of body
- 2PTS-793A-04A tractor trailer
The plant is adopting the production of new type of products, including road-building and other alternative machines and production within Localization Program and inter-industry cooperation: excavators at base of TTZ80.10 tractor, hydrocylinders, car carrier semitrailers, container carrier semitrailers and cesspool machines.
Road-building machine (asphalt-cutter), reed-mover, automobile dump trailer (capacity 5 t), forklift are at the stage of adopting.
During year of independence (from 1991 till preset) the plant has produced 93082 tractors and 97566 trailers, which are successfully operating both in Uzbekistan and other countries
From 2004 “TTZ” OJSC is taking part in realization of State Localization Program. The volume of localized production is in 2004 – 0.142 billion sums; in 2005 – 0.14 billion sums; in 2006 – 50.2 billion sums; in 2007 – 50.7 billion sums; in 2008 – 61.42 billion sums; in 2009 – 77.72 billion sums.
In order to be present at the international market System of Management Quality is introduced at the plant. It allows to produce products responded to ISO standards.
About 3 thousand employees were awarded the title "Veteran of Plant", about 50 families of plant workers were awarded the title "Labor dynasty", 11 employees were awarded the title of "Honorary Tractor Builder".
Social Sphere.
“Tashkentskiy Traktorniy Zavod” OJSC has:
- Polyclinic
- “Beldersay” Children’s camp
- Palace of Culture
- “Chatkal” Country park, which is situated at beauty spot of Chingam Mountains
- Youth sport school, which trained a lot of International class sportsmen
“Tashkentskiy Traktorniy Zavod” OJSC is the flagman of domestic machinery industry. It confidently forwards to future, relying on priceless experience of past ages and on ideas of reborn national consciousness.

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Share of agriculture sector in Uzbekistan’s GDP makes 17.2%

The volume of production of agriculture products in Uzbekistan made up 36.957 trillion soums in 2014, which grew by 6.9% year-on-year, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan said.

The volume of production of plant-growing sector made up 21.81 trillion soums (+6.9%) and husbandry – 15.146 trillion soums (+7%).

The share of agriculture sector in the gross domestic product of Uzbekistan made up 17.2%, according to preliminary data.

Uzbekistan gradually optimizes structure of sown areas, increasing lands, allocated to production of food cultures.

In 2008-2014, Uzbekistan decreased lands allocated for cotton by 124,000 hectares and increased lands allocated to grain cultures by 74,600 hectares, potatoes – 20,400 hectares, vegetables - 29,100 hectares, melons and gourds – 9,300 hectares.

Total of lands used for production of agriculture products made up 3.678 million hectares in 2014, of which 80,300 hectares (+2.6% compared to 2013) were used for production of potatoes, 191,900 hectares (+1.4%) – vegetables and 51,500 hectares (+1.8%) – melons and gourds.

Uzbekistan is also increasing number of gardens and their total area reached 363,500 hectares in 2014, which rose by 47,600 hectares of 22.2% compared to 2008.

Uzbekistan produced 8.05 million tonnes of grain (+3.1%), 3.4 million tonnes of raw cotton(+1.2%), 2.452 million tonnes of potatoes (+9%), 9.287 million tonnes of vegetables (+9.1%), 1.696 million tonnes of melons and gourds, 2.49 million tonnes of fruits and berries (10.2%), 1.441 million tonnes of grape (+9%).

At the same time, number of cattle, sheep and goats increased 1.5 times in 2006-2014 and poultry – 2.3 times. In 2014, number of cattle made up 100.994 million heads (+3.7%), including cows – 4.085 million heads (+1.6%), sheep and goats – 18.447 million heads (+4.1%), poultry – 56.195 million heads (+7.4%).

Uzbekistan produced 1.906 million tonnes of meat (+6.7% y-o-y), 8.433 million tonnes of milk (+7%) and 4.95 billion of eggs (+13%).
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