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Ahmet Afif Paşa Yalısı

Construction : 1900-1910

Architect : Alexandre Vallaury

The yalı (waterfront mansion) was first constructed for Ferendiz Hanım, the Daughter of Reşit Paşa who was an important governor in the empire, then bought by Ahmet Afif Paşa and current look achieved after the reconstruction by famous architect Alexandre Vallaury under Ahmet Afif Paşa's ownership.

Yali was then bought by Misbah Muhayyeş, a businessman from Beirut in 1925, who also bought the famous Pera Palas which was also designed by Vallaury. Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel "Murder on the Orient Express" while staying in this building as a guest.

Mansion changed hand few times, yet it is believed to bring bad luck to its owners who faced important breakdowns after owning this property.. It is currently owned by Sabancı family.

A water fairy in Istanbul...

Photo by Kemal Bereket

Photo by Galpay

Photo by Aydın Sertbaş

Photo by Burç

Photo by Eden


It is one of my favorite buildings in Istanbul. 10.

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